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GOT INDIE? Indie Bookfest 2014!

CANCELED: I am SOOOO SORRY. I know I just posted about attending this but I JUST BARELY found out my daughter will be having surgery during INDIE BOOKFEST. Belinda Boring and I will be canceling our appearance at this event so we can be here for her surgery and to help with her children and recovery the week following. 
I'm sorry to disappoint everyone, but I've got to take care of my family needs first. I hope everyone will still attend and have a GREAT TIME with all the other authors attending! Thanks so much for your love and support! <3 I'm leaving the link posted below for any who still want to go and see all the other amazing authors!

Three weeks until INDIE BOOKFEST  at UNIVERSAL STUDIOS, in FLORIDA! I will be there signing, and I'm also one of the authors, along with Belinda Boring, on the GOT ROMANCE? panel!! Tickets are on sale now! It's a great time for a little vacation! Get books, go to Harry Potter World...and HAVE FUN!

Event dates: August 8th and 9th!

Sneak Peek: WANDERLUST! Coming Aug. 24, 2014!


Belinda Boring and I are so excited to bring this awesome book to you! We can't wait for you to meet super SEXY Ryder, a Wanderer who is of angelic birth, and sweet Skylar, who captures his attention immediately, setting off a chain reaction of events they never dreamed possible. These two will make you SWOON with delight as their story unfolds! Here's a sneak peek and the links to preorder too!

Genre: New Adult Paranormal/Fantasy Romance 
Recommended Age: 18+ for mature themes and subject matter
Authors: Lacey Weatherford & Belinda Boring 
Release Date: August 24, 2014

Excerpt (unedited):
Was I greedy enough to take the offered few decades of her life that she had left to live? Was I strong enough to live the rest of eternity without her once she died? As long as it had taken me to find love, I wasn’t too optimistic about it turning up again for me any time soon. And if it did, it would most likely leave me in the same quandary that I was in right now.
I glanced back at the sky. “Bagilenu efficere ego efficere?” What do I do? I asked the stars in the angelic language of my birth, as if they could somehow provide the answer for me.
There was no reply, though, simply silence and the slight fluttering of my wings. I was alone—a single entity with no connection to anyone in the Universe.
A slow smile spread across my face and I nodded at the stars in thanks. “Enim Tuus Consilium.” For your wisdom. Their silence had told me everything I needed to know.
Turning, I dove with rapid speed back toward the earth, my mind made up. I could be alone for eternity, a solitary being forever, or I could enjoy a few blessed years with the female of my dreams, wrapped in her love for as long as time would let us be together—if I could convince her to have me.
That was going to be a little tricky. My sense of honor wouldn’t allow me to take her without her knowing the full extent of what her relationship with me would entail. It was really Skylar’s choice to make.
Still, I was nervous to reveal my secret. What if she didn’t feel the same? What if she chose to reject me—then I’d lose the little bit we had right now too. I needed to make sure I did this right—that I didn’t send her running away from me, screaming at the top of her lungs.
The lights of San Francisco grew ever closer as I shot toward it, and I chuckled to myself. With all my life encounters, there was one emotion I’d never experienced and that was rejection.
I certainly hoped I wasn’t about to experience that now.
Swirling toward the earth, I dipped low, flying along the rooflines to avoid detection. The dark night added to my cover, along with my sleek black wings and quick speed, anyone who might see me, would merely think their eyes were playing tricks on them. One blink and there would be nothing left to see. That was something I’d noticed in most of my travels, people wanted to believe what they thought to be normal. It was easy to explain away a shadow on the rooftops as an odd play of light.
Making a beeline for the buildings I knew housed Brayson Art Academy, I knew I could’ve found Skylar even without knowing her location. Something was connected between us, as if the closer I came to her, the more my own pulse rate picked up. I was the moth to her flame.
True, moths often got burned by the flames they loved so much, but for some reason I didn’t mind the thought of being burned by her. She’d already set me on fire to the point that I felt like I was being consumed.
Settling on the top ridgepole of the building opposite her location, I used my wings to balance me, becoming stock still, as if I were a gargoyle set in stone. From this vantage point, I could see directly into her classroom right to where she was sitting in front of her canvas.
Back to me, I watched as her hand rapidly moved her brush, pausing here and there as she tipped her head to observe her work, before dipping against the palette board she had resting in her opposite hand and moving again. She was completely immersed in her work and I loved watching her this way—caught up in the throes of creating something beautiful.
Again, longing swept through me. I wanted to show her things she’d never even imagined before—I wanted to do things to her she’d never experience with another. The matter was short and easy when all was considered—I simply wanted be with Skylar, no matter what we were doing.
© Lacey Weatherford Books/Belinda Boring Author/Moonstruck Media


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7 SIGNED PRINT BOOK from Lacey Weatherford, Belinda Boring, & Kamery Solomon!
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 Coming in AUGUST!

As many of you know, I have a new release coming out next month that is co-authored with Belinda Boring. Originally, this title was called Fall For Me, however, as Belinda and I wrote the story, it took and obvious shift from the original direction we intended. To compliment the change in the story, we decided to change the title/cover/description. For those of you who have already preordered Fall For Me, don’t worry, there’s no need to order again. Wanderlust will be delivered in its place.

Wanderlust is also now available for preorders on Barnes & Noble, iBooks, & Kobo. Please be advised that Barnes & Noble hasn’t completed all the updates, so it shows the old cover and book description, but the changes are coming and you can still order from the link.


Release Date: August 24, 2014
Authors: Belinda Boring & Lacey Weatherford
Genre: Sci-fi/Fantasy Romance
Recommended Age: 18+ for mature themes and subject matter

Young painter, Skylar Blue, is thrilled with the opportunity to move to the San Francisco Bay area and start Art School. This has been a dream of hers for as long as she can remember. Things only get better on moving day when she drops a bunch of boxes and a hunky man rushes to her aid. Immediately, she feels a connection with him, but she’s not sure why.

Ryder McKinley can’t seem to walk away from Skylar Blue—he finds her mesmerizing—even though he shouldn’t. But when she invites him in for a cup of coffee, he happily follows her inside, wanting to get to know her even better.

He never expected to fall for her. Now he’s in trouble. Ryder has a secret…a secret that is never supposed to be shared…with the humans. He’s a Wanderer, from a superior race of immortal beings, and there’s only one way for Skylar to truly stay with him. She will have to risk death. That’s not an option for Ryder. Instead, he’s simply going to enjoy these rare stolen moments he’ll have with her until they can’t be together anymore.

But then the unthinkable happens, shattering everything into a billion pieces.

In an epic story that will expand all bounds, Ryder and Skylar will learn that only true love can overcome all obstacles, no matter how horrific.

Don’t miss out on this first installment of The Story of Us, book one, Wanderlust.



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