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COVEN: Of Witches and Demons, book one, is now available for preorder on many sites. Get a sneak peek of the entire prologue in the Of Witches and Warlocks Complete Boxed Set, which is currently on a Halloween Sale for only .99¢!

Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Romance
Release Date: Feb. 8, 2015

AMAZON: (Not available until Release Day, Feb. 8, 2015)

Born a witch.
Sheltered to learn control.
Now she's ready to have a "normal" life.
Too bad things don't always go as planned.

Kenna Mangum was born a witch. She’s always known it -her family has always known it - from the moment she burst into flames in her father’s arms after she was delivered.

Denied interaction with regular society while she was coached into controlling her powers, Kenna has always felt a longing to join the rest of the world and get to experience a “normal” life.

Now her wish is about to be granted.

But when Kenna walks into public school for the first time, she immediately locks eyes with Jett Blackstone and realizes all chances of “normal” just disappeared.

© Lacey Weatherford Books/Moonstruck Media, LLC.

Monday, October 20, 2014

BLOGGERS: Release Day Blitz and ARC sign ups for COVEN!

BLOGGERS: Here's the link to sign up for the Release Day Blitz and/or the ARC for COVEN: Of Witches and Demons, book 1. Currently, the Release Day for this book is scheduled for February 8, 2015. Please feel free to share this link.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

RELEASE DAY!! SMOLDER is NOW AVAILABLE! (Please share! Kindle Fire Rafflecopter, Links & Teaser in post!)

It’s FINALLY here! 
Now’s your chance to grab one of the most anticipated stories of the year, and find out why early reviewers are calling SMOLDER Lacey Weatherford’s “Best Book Yet!” 

A Crush Series Companion Novel
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
(NOTE: You CAN read this book as a stand-alone novel, however, it WILL spoil the previous three books in the CRUSH series.)

Early Reviews:
"Let me tell you, Smolder was not a disappointment! Lacey Weatherford keeps pulling you back and forth like Tug of War with your emotions.  Definitely a book you can't put down from beginning to end!” ~ Lisa Markson, The Paranormal Bookworm

“Wow—just wow! Lacey Weatherford has done it again!” Sue Ann Brooks, Amazon Customer

He saved her from drowning.
She turned his life upside down.
Neither would ever be the same again.
But sometimes love is messy, messy, messy.
SMOLDER, a Crush Series companion novel

“Cami seems really nice. I can see why you hold her in such high regard.”
“She’s the best.” I watched as she meandered on toward the hallway, peeking into some of the other rooms. Following closely after her, I enjoyed knowing that she was moving closer to my bedroom.
“Your room?” she asked, pausing in the doorway and I nodded.
“Yeah, it’s bigger than the others and I was able to make a doorway so one of the bathrooms became an en suite.”
“It looks very . . . inviting,” she said, softly, glancing at me.
“It is. You should try the bed.”
Arching an eyebrow, she looked a bit surprised.
“No seriously. Go sit on the bed. Give it a little bounce.”
She continued to eye me, but eventually moved forward, slowly sinking to the edge of the bed. The springs protested wildly and she laughed. “You seriously sleep on this thing?” She bounced again and again, making the bed squeak repeatedly.
“I do. I actually requested to keep it. It’s original to the house.”
She was still bouncing on it. “How can you get any rest at all? It’s so loud.”
Smiling, I shrugged. “I’ve gotten used to it. Though Cami and Dylan seem convinced they’ll be able to tell if I ever entertain anyone of the female variety.” I stared at her pointedly. It took a second, but as soon as she caught my meaning, she instantly stilled.
“Oh, because they’d hear you . . . uh . . . .”
“Going at it?” I supplied with a grin and she blushed heavily. “Maybe Cami thinks I’m up here getting lucky right now.”
Her mouth dropped open and her gaze lowered, landing somewhere in the vicinity of my zipper. She flushed, again, when she realized where she was staring and immediately stood. “I’m sorry. Is it hot in here all of a sudden?” I couldn’t help my continued grin as she pushed past me into the hallway. “Maybe we should go check on Cami.”
Stepping in beside her, I happily followed along. “You looked good on my bed, Doc,” I said, not caring if it was appropriate for me to say so or not.
Pausing, she turned to stare at me, and suddenly the hallway felt really small.
“You know you can’t say things like that to me, right?”
I stepped closer and she moved back, leaning against the wall. “Yes, I’m aware of that.” I stared down at her lips. They were so close. It would be so easy to capture them…
WANT MORE?? Here you go! :D


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Sunday, October 5, 2014

CRUSH series fans! ONE WEEK until SMOLDER releases! #SneakPeek

ONE WEEK until SMOLDER releases!!!!!!! WOOOHOOOO! Who's excited??! This might be MY personal favorite of all the books I've written! <3 <3 <3 Here's a sneak peek! Feel free to share!

SMOLDER, a CRUSH series companion novel.
Genre: New Adult Contemporary
Release Date: Sunday, October 12, 2104

“Yep, I still got it,” Dylan said, groaning as he bit into his steak.
“Props, dude. I agree. You are the grill master.” Taking a bite, I savored the perfectly cooked rib-eye steak. It practically melted in my mouth.
“You didn’t have to wait for me,” Dylan said, cutting another piece.
I shrugged. “Someone had to keep an eye on the swimmers during lunch. Figured it might as well be me and I’d just eat when you were available.” I took another bite and groaned. “It was worth the wait.”
“You two sound like a porno with all that moaning and groaning going on,” Cami joked.
Arching a brow I stared at her. “Been watching a lot of those lately, have you?”
Blushing a deep shade of red, she slapped me, playfully. “No! You know I wouldn’t do that.”
“You probably don’t have time, since Dylan keeps you pretty occupied with living your own.” Dylan chuckled and stared lovingly at Cami
and her skin flushed even more, her eyes wide in disbelief at the topic of conversation.
“What?” I said, gesturing to her stomach. “It’s not like you can deny it. The proof is right there staring me in the face.”
“I ... it’s ...,” she stuttered. “It’s not porn.” Picking up her plastic cup, she glanced away and took a swallow.
“It’s better than porn,” Dylan whispered loudly and Cami choked, spraying Kool-aid across the table and splattering me.
Stunned, I glanced down and started laughing. “Okay. I guess I deserved that. Thank goodness I’m not wearing a shirt.”
“Yeah.” Dylan elbowed Cami and nodded at me. “You know he only volunteered for lifeguard duty so he’d have an excuse to go shirtless in front of all these women, today.”
I rolled my eyes. “Whatever. I’m on duty and I’m the best swimmer in the department—you know that.”
“Hmm,” Dylan replied with a grunt, continuing to eat.
“Well, all that working out he’s been doing with you has paid off in a big way.” Cami smiled. “I’m sure I’m not the only woman who’s noticed all those rippling abs.”
“Hey now,” Dylan chastised. “I’m going to get jealous if you keep talking about Russ like that.”
“Don’t worry. You’re still my favorite.” She grinned at him as he leaned over and kissed her lightly on the lips.
“Good thing.”
“Can’t fault the girl for noticing perfection, dude,” I added, and Cami laughed.
Dylan glanced at me. “I know. That’s why she’s always staring at me.”
I chuckled and shook my head. “Always so humble.”
“Just like my best friend, huh?” He laughed and held his fist out and I bumped it. “Us ugly guys have got to stick together to be ego boosts for each other.”
“Whatever,” Cami said, dragging the word out. “Neither of you are even remotely close to ugly, and you know it.”

**Available on Amazon and everywhere else on release day, Oct. 12, 2014

© Lacey Weatherford Books/Moonstruck Media.

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