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Do you love romance? 
If so, then we invite you to join The Royal Court of the Queens of Romance, hosted by authors:

 Belinda Boring, The Queen of Swoon: International & #1 Mutli-Genre Bestselling Author
Kamery Solomon, The Queen of Love: #1 Multi-Genre Bestselling Author
Lacey Weatherford, The Queen of Hearts: #1 International & USA Today Bestselling Author

What is The Royal Court? 
It's a place to socialize about books with other readers, play games, win gift cards, share books, enter flash giveaways, get event info, enter rafflecopters, and get fun updates from the authors via video messages. In other's LOTS OF FUN!

Where is The Royal Court?
The Royal Court is a Facebook group with over 400 members currently and constantly growing. We'd love for you to come be part of it too.

How can I join?
It's easy, simply click this link to go to the page and ask to join. Someone will add you in shortly!

Still not sure?
Here's a peek at some of the things we've talked about!

Weekly Memes in The Royal Court:
MAN CANDY MONDAY- Hosted by author Kamery Solomon
This meme is pretty self explanatory. #HOLYHOTNESS! Post pics of your favorite #hotties to share with the group. Share favorite characters from books, television, movies, music, or anyone you think who might be a great muse for a character you love. End of the day drawing will land one participant with a free ebook!

WACKY WEDNESDAY- Hosted by author Lacey Weatherford
This meme is full of all sorts of #CRAZY, just as the name suggests. Who knows what will pop up in it? From "Caption This" to "Name This Song" to "Sharing Day," this meme promises to keep you guessing. Depending on the meme, $5 Gift Cards will sometimes be awarded.

EXAMPLE: Caption This Pinterest Fail! Best caption wins a $5 Gift Card

FAN ART FRIDAY- Hosted by Belinda Boring
This meme is #HILARIOUS! As the name suggests, everyone posts different meme images. They can be original images, images you've found elsewhere, etc. It's simple a way to poke fun over favorite books, movies, television, at the authors, or whatever else floats your boat. The point is to have fun! Best Fan Art wins a $5 Gift Card every week!
EXAMPLE: This is a previous Fan Art Meme Winner (She actually did come to visit us and we DID leave her in a cornfield! hahahahaha)

A flash giveaway can be held at any time. One (or more) of the authors may pop up with a surprise giveaway that only lasts a few minutes or for so many comments.
EXAMPLE: I'm giving away a free ebook copy of my book to the first 25 people who comment with their email!

Anyone can post/share book links in our book link thread...authors, bloggers, readers, your Aunt Jemima's Uncle...ANYONE! We like to share our favorite reads so everyone can find them!

Every time there is 5 weeks in the month, we will be running a special Rafflecopter Giveaway with a bunch of goodies from all three authors! You don't want to miss out on this...we love giving away awesome prizes!

Short videos will be posted that may occasionally include some fun guests. These will cover a variety of topics--no subject is safe! haha It's just a chance to speak with our readership on a little more personal, face-to-face, level. The video schedule is as follows:

Week 1: We Three Queens- a combined video with Belinda, Kamery, & Lacey
Week 2: All Things Dorky & Swoony with Belinda Boring
Week 3: Kamery's Korner
Week 4: The Delusional Diaries of Lacey Weatherford

All this awesome, plus whatever else we want to throw in here and there for even MORE FUN....

Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Dark Rising

What happens when the one you love suddenly isn't the same anymore?

"I didn’t know then the appearance of Vance in my life would so completely turn things upside down. While our relationship was filled with many moments that were like a dream come true, most of our time together was tangled in an ever-threatening web of lies and deceit. Some of those deceptions nearly cost us our lives—and eventually, one did cost Vance his, bringing us both to this moment tonight, when I realized with an aching heart . . .Vance had changed."
                              ~ Portia Mullins, The Dark Rising, Book 4 in the Of Witches and Warlocks series.

Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Romance 
#1 Paranormal Romance
#1 Love & Romance 
#1 Family Saga
Nominated for Best PNR of the Year by the Romance Reviews





(Feel free to share! <3)

Photography by Regina Wamba
Graphic Art by Lacey Weatherford

Sunday, January 4, 2015

UPDATE: Coming book releases!

Lovely peeps! I'm still getting flooded with messages asking about book releases, and I see people advertising (thank you!) old release dates that have been canceled. I know it's INCREDIBLY hard for every one to see my posts, due to all the changes on Facebook, but here's the updates for my books.

I have THREE current projects that are getting ready for release. Those books are as follows:

1. After the Apple: A Snow White Tale, a Fantasy/Fairytale written by my daughter, Kamery Solomon, and me. (This is a stand alone novel, but will have companion books in the future.)

2. Coven: Of Witches and Demons, book one. This is a Young Adult Paranormal series. It's the sequel series to my Of Witches and Warlocks series, but you CAN read it independent of OWAW.

3. Persuade, A Leathers Novel. This is a stand alone Adult Contemporary Romance,  and also a companion book to Allure. They can both be read separate of each other, but feature characters from the same "universe." 

At this time, these are the only three books on my schedule. All have been started and are in various stages of production. I DO NOT HAVE ANY RELEASE DATES FOR THESE BOOKS YET. Due to my health issues that sometimes interfere with my writing schedule, I've canceled all the original dates. As soon as the books go into the editor, I will set the official release dates and start sharing preorder links again.

I'm anticipating that After the Apple will be my next release since it's already well beyond "novel length" in word count and is closest to done. However, since my daughter is in the middle of moving and remodeling, there's always the chance I might sneak one of the others in before it.

I don't intend to drag these releases out forever, and I'm back to work officially now. I'm just trying to stay healthy and go a little slower so I'm not so overwhelmed. Thank you so much for your understanding and patience! I'm SUPER excited to share these stories with you! <3

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year Dreams: The Secret of my Success!

Those who follow me across my social medias know I'm huge into the whole "Positive Thinking." I love reading and learning to be aware of ME, my surroundings, what I want in life, and how to manifest those things into my life. The reason I am so "huge" into these things, is because I know they work. I've been using them for years to bring large successes and accomplishments into my life. Basically my theory is this: 

"Positive thinking can bring about positive change."

When I say something like this, I'm not saying everyone else's life sucks. You may like your life just fine right now, and that's GREAT. All I'm saying is we can always IMPROVE on what we have right now. The Universe is infinite...meaning there is infinite joy available for you to have.

Everyday, before I get up to write on my books, and then again before I go to sleep, I try to read something that helps me continue to think positively. I have several books and sources I turn to for that. This is the one I found this morning:

"Daring to do what you want takes COURAGE and BOLDNESS. CLAIM IT!" (Life Lessons for Mastering the Law of Attraction, Jeannette,

I thought this was an amazing quote to share for the New Year approaching. This is the time of year that everyone tends to reflect on their lives, and what they want or wish for the year to come. I'm here to tell you that you CAN have everything you hope for. All you need to do is have the courage and boldness to claim it. Don't let fear of failure stand in your way. "Mistakes" and "Failures" can be positive too, as long as we learn from them. We just need to eliminate those words from our vocabulary and start thinking of them as building blocks and stepping stones that will help us learn how to get where we want to be.

For those interested, here is my personal story of how I applied this in my life and all the INCREDIBLE it brought me!

When I started writing, over five years ago, my business was very slow. I was very timid and shy. I couldn't even market my book because I was afraid of offending other people. I'd been raised to never ask people for money, so to ask people to check out my book was terrifying to me. I couldn't do it. 
Since I knew NOTHING of the industry, I also signed a contract for seven years with a "not good" publisher, who jacked the price of my book way up, after producing a very shoddy copy of it. I only had the one book published and several other books coming after in the series. I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to sign more book with this publisher, and if I released the next several books, no one would have access to the first one, or want to pay the extremely inflated price for it. To me, at that time, it looked like it might be the end of my writing career.

But, I still liked to write, so I did. And during the first year I was with that publisher, I learned EVERY SINGLE THING I could about the book world from every source I could find. 

After a year, I was impressed to write my publisher and ask if I could buy out my contract, so I could reclaim my practically destroyed book. I was hesitant because I knew by then they were stingy and rarely release authors they'd signed--if ever. 

But I wrote anyway. They said no. Again, I begged and pleaded with them, giving them all my reasoning. Again, they said no. I continued to save up thousands of dollars, knowing if they ever would release me from my contract I was going to have to pay through the nose for it. I even had another person in the business contact them and try to negotiate on my behalf. Again, no.

I was frustrated. After weeks of trying to communicate with them, I was banging my head against the wall. Throwing my hands into the air, I went to bed that night, not knowing what else I could possibly do to get my book back, so I wasn't stuck with the remaining 6 years of my contract. The next morning I was awakened by a very distinct the form of a man's voice in my head. "Lacey, get up and email your publisher right now, and ask for your rights back."

My first thought was, WHY? They keep saying NO. But long ago I learned to follow my promptings and intuition, so I did it IMMEDIATELY. This time, I received an answer that very same day:

Dear Lacey,
We have received your email regarding your desire to terminate your contract with us. While we are saddened to hear that you want to leave our company, if you will please send a check for $300.00 to the following address, we will send you the papers confirming the dissolution of your contract, and return the rights of your book to you."

I'm pretty sure my scream was heard all over town as I jumped up and down through my house crying, and the same again when the official papers arrived at my door. It was a MIRACLE!

I had changed my future! And for only a measly $300.00, not the thousands I'd been expecting to pay!
During all this time, I'd fallen in with some other great indie authors who were banding together to be part of a big cross-pollenation event. This event was in the form of a blog hop. We told something about our books, and gave away free ebooks to everyone who commented. It was also a contest between the authors to see who could get the most commenters. All these amazing ladies, who I admired and wished to be like, invited ME to be part of their event! I was ecstatic...and determined to WIN!

I'd based a character (Vance Mangum) in my book off an actor I admired, Matt Lanter. Matt, being the kind person that he is, had all my books and agreed to help me in my part of the contest and donated an autographed picture for my "Vance Basket" full of goodies that I was giving away during the event. My prize was rockin' and I knew people were going to LOVE it! And I was right! With the help of my best friend, who was a blogger at the time, tweets and posts were sent out everywhere. By the end of the event, it was clear I had won by a landslide! But the real joy was the EXPOSURE that event brought me.

Now, I don't normally talk finances with people, but I need to in this case to give you an idea of the change that was happening here. Before this event, I was making about $76.00 a month in book sales. I was actually happy to make that much, because the publisher I'd been with before claimed I didn't have any book sales while I was with them. (A proven lie, but that's another story.) So for me to actually be making enough money to pay the water bill and contribute to my own home was BIG deal to me. I was proud of that $76-ish dollars a month I was making.

Immediately after this event I won, my sales started to go up. People read the first book they had gotten for free and started coming back for the rest of the series. My sales jumped from $76.00 to nearly $500.00 in the next paycheck. Now that may not seem like a lot, but it was at the time to me. I remember emailing one of the event planners and just gushing over her with thanks for inviting me to be part of that event and how much it was helping my sales. So, they invited me to be a part of the next one. It wasn't a contest, but a giant Labor Day sale that featured free and .99¢ books. The following month, my sales jumped from $500.00 to $3000.00. 

My jaw was on the floor! I was amazed with what was happening. In two months time, my paycheck doubled again, to $6000.00.

And then I had a thought. It was a SCARY thought at the time, especially because it wasn't really being "done" at that time. It's done all the time now, but for me, a little country girl who lived in the mountains of Arizona and had NO CLUE what she was was a BIG decision.

I decided to put my reformatted and designed first book on sale on Amazon for FREE for a week. My plan was to see if I could attract new readers like I had with these events, and my goal was to try and get 10,000 downloads. I was also terrified to do this, because this book was a bestseller now, and I worried about losing the money it brought in to my family. But I brushed fear aside and took the leap and . . .

One Hundred and Fifty Thousand people downloaded my book!!!


I was flabbergasted! That's the only word for it. My eyes were wide as thousands and thousands of downloads began rolling in. BUT WAIT! That's not all!

Those people started coming back to read the other books I had out (four at the time.) My next check jumped to $50,000.00!!! For one month!!! I couldn't believe it!!

From that point on the ball continued to roll, until I was releasing individual books that were making that kind of money for just one book. I hit USA Today! I become a multi-time #1 International bestseller! One of my books was chosen as Book of the Year by Amazon, suddenly readers were everywhere, sharing my books. I had executives from different major bookselling companies personally emailing me and congratulating me in my success, and wanting to help promote me even more. A MAJOR MAJOR financial team called and asked to take me on as a client. One of the biggest agents in the business asked to represent me, followed by several other offers too. Movie producers started asking for my books, and foreign publishers started buying my books to translate into other languages.

It was INSANE!

Yet, when I look back, I realize...I almost sabotaged it all. My FEAR of failure almost kept me from doing ALL of the things that eventually led to my success.

I know there are others out there with even better success stories than mine. They, too, took a leap into the unknown. I know others who are climbing their way to success. It hasn't been fast or easy at times, but their continued determination and efforts are slowly starting to pay off. I truly believe if they continue, they will reach their "explosion point" as well.

So that's my wish for every one. Do NOT let FEAR dictate your life for you! Go out with COURAGE and BOLDNESS and CLAIM WHAT IS YOURS!

I wish you all the best success and a very positive New Year!

Lots of love,
Lacey Weatherford <3

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