28 His and Her Truths for a Great Marriage

28 His and Her Truths for a Great Marriage (Plus a Special Gift!)

Once upon a time, 28 years ago today, an 18 year old incurable romantic, married her handsome, 19 year old college sweetheart. Together, they rode off into the sunset to live happily ever after . . .  sort of.

Wait. What???

While weddings are often “The End” of romance novels, in truth they are the beginning of a (hopefully) long, and often bumpy ride, full of the real life highs and lows that make up a marriage.

Don’t be afraid of the bumps, though, as they are often what builds and cements people together even stronger. Life isn’t a perfect fairytale, but it can have its perfect fairytale moments. 

Here are 28 “Marriage Truths” (fourteen from each) that we’ve learned in the last 28 years of our marriage:

James’s 14:
  1. My wife is always right.
  2. Attitude is everything.
  3. Crap happens. Roll with it.
  4. Family comes first.
  5. Having children together is awesome!
  6. Don’t eat while your wife is in labor.
  7. Kids are expensive.
  8. Men can cook.
  9. Men can clean.
  10. Happy wife, happy life.
  11. It’s fun to kiss and make up.
  12. Sometime’s holding hands is all you need.
  13. Getting along is more important being right.
  14. When in doubt, refer to rule number one.

James's Favorite Date Memory:
The car wash. Water. Hot girl. Wet clothes. You get the idea. Both of us laughed so hard, though, it turned out to be one of our favorite dates. Cost: $2.00

James's Quick Relationship Advice:
Always remember you and your spouse are a TEAM, in everything you do.


Lacey’s 14:
  1. Love is beautiful and can be real at any age.
  2. Kissing is awesome and should be done often.
  3. Sometimes the funnest dates are the cheapest ones. Be creative!
  4. No subject is too taboo or off limits. Be open with each other. No secrets.
  5. LISTENING and TALKING solves problems, not fighting. Take a breather if things get too intense.
  6. Partners are always equal, with each other and in co-parenting. If one parent says no, the other upholds that ruling.
  7. Find ways to laugh, be silly, and act like “young kids in love” no matter your age. Humor is everything.
  8. You will disagree sometimes. That’s okay.
  9. Give surprises and treats for no other reason than loving each other.
  10. Let your kids SEE you and your spouse being “in love.” It will help teach them healthy relationships.
  11. Take regular couple retreats together to keep your relationship fresh. (*Tip: Try staying home and sending the kids away! 😉)
  12. Hugs have healing powers. Hug each other a lot.
  13. You can never say “I love you” too often.
  14. Be best friends. Be best lovers. Be one of the best parts of your spouse’s world.

Lacey's Favorite Date Memory:
This date is definitely in my “Top 10 Best Moments of my Life” list. We went snorkeling together in the Caribbean, and were especially delighted when a family (large, medium, and baby) of three wild dolphins suddenly appeared. It was incredible to see them swimming along with us. As we surfaced for air, a ginormous humpback whale jumped out of the water, right next to our dive boat! Even the boat workers were jumping and cheering! It was truly the most magnificent feeling to be right there in the water with these fabulous ocean dwellers. I was so thrilled to share the magic of this completely perfect day with James. Everything aligned just right for us! 
Cost: Waaaaaay more than $2.00, but at the same time . . . Priceless! 
(PS. Swimming with dolphins was one of my bucket list items. I never imagined I would get to do it with wild ones. So thanks to the universe for fulfilling that one for me even better than I imagined!)

Quick Relationship Advice:
Don’t be too serious! Injecting humor into your relationship can keep things on a light, breezy level. Sometimes we just need to laugh and find reasons to be happy right in that moment. It’s a great stress relief and can draw you closer with your spouse.

I just want to take a moment to thank my husband for all he does for me. I literally wouldn’t be alive without him. Thank goodness for all his medical training. He has needed it with me for a wife. Yet, he never complains about taking care of me, or helping out our kids. He loves being a family man, and it shows. He is my perfect match!

Thanks for being my true love, James. ❤️

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