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CRUSH SERIES READERS!! SMOLDER, is coming OCT. 12, 2014!!

If you have EVER been a fan of Hunter/Dylan, or a fan of Russ, YOU MUST READ SMOLDER!!
As an author, I get asked a lot in interviews if I have any favorite characters or scenes out of all the books I’ve written. I always say no, because that’s like asking me to choose which of my children I like best. BUT, I can honestly say, I think one of my most favorite scenes I’ve EVER WRITTEN happens in Smolder with Russ and Dylan. Like seriously, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, it. I even dreamed about it, I love it so much. I even reread it everyday, I love it so much! Haha I even CRIED when this book was done because I didn’t want it to be over. I truly love the dynamics between these characters. It’s been such a fun series to write! I hope you’ll like it too! <3
Note: You CAN read this book without reading the Crush series, but it will spoil things in those books if you choose to read this one first.
Note x 2: Be advised that Smolder is a little bit steamier than the previous novels. Not way out there or overly descriptive, but definitely a bit more on the New Adult sexier side of things.

The last thing Russ Weston ever wanted was to be called a hero. A normal guy, out doing the job he was trained to do, he’s nothing special—at least he doesn’t think so. All that changes, though, on the day he rescues renowned psychiatrist, Evelyn McKnight, from drowning.
Suddenly thrown in the spotlight, Russ becomes the center of media frenzy and he hates it. One thing he doesn’t hate, however, is the good doctor. Unable to deny the sparks between them, Russ wants Evie in a bad way. Unfortunately for him, Evie seems determined to continue nursing the broken heart she’s been clinging to for years, since the death of her fiancĂ©.
Always up for a good challenge, Russ pursues her anyway, steadily chipping away at her walls of resistance. Just when he thinks he finally has her in his grasp, everything falls apart and Russ discovers that love can be messy, messy, messy.
Desperately trying to pick up the pieces, Russ realizes sometimes when you love someone you have to set them free—even if doing so may cost him Evie, permanently.


**Available on Amazon and everywhere else on release day, Oct. 12, 2014

© Lacey Weatherford Books/Moonstruck Media.

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WOOHOO! .99¢ SALE!!! Wanderlust excerpt, trailer, and purchase links are in the post. Grab your copy while it’s cheap! (Please share everywhere!)

My thoughts were interrupted when the door swung open and Skylar appeared, looking like a vision. Her red hair glowed like a halo from the light in the entry behind her. I couldn’t help letting my gaze travel over her, drinking her in. She was dressed casually, in blue jeans and a white shirt that slipped off her shoulder.
That shoulder was going to kill me all night long, tempting me to run my tongue over it, tasting her. Again, I wished she’d be receptive to me taking her back to my place. I saw the flush of her skin—recognized the attraction that flooded her. She wasn’t immune to me; and that, at least, was promising. I’d have to force myself to behave for the time being, but there was no doubt in my mind the payoff would be worth it.
Skylar cleared her throat, blushing furiously and I realized, in that moment, that I’d been gawking at her.
“Forgive me,” I said, smiling. “You just look so . . . well, I don’t think there’s a proper word for how appealing you are.”
Soft laughter escaped her and she continued to blush, stepping out the door and closing it behind her. “Thank you. You look great, too.”
Offering her my arm, I briefly closed my eyes as the contact with her skin caused her essence to slip inside to mingle with mine. Immediately the receptors in my body lit up like they were on fire. I didn’t know what it was about Skylar, but I couldn’t seem to control my reaction to her. Gently guiding her down the sidewalk, I tried to drag my thoughts away from my raging hormones and the bewilderment of what her light touch was doing to me.


© Lacey Weatherford Books/Moonstruck Media

Thursday, August 28, 2014

EXCERPT! Wanderlust, Available NOW! Book 2 Shattered on PREOREDER!

Closing the door, I quickly rubbed my hair, doing the best I could to dry it before slipping on his clothes. They were huge on me, drowning my small frame, but I didn’t care. Lifting the shirt to my nose, I inhaled deeply. I now smelled like him.
Ryder rested against the back of his leather couch, his arms folded across his bare chest. He looked comfortable as he waited, the blue plaid pajama pants riding low on his hips. One look at the way his muscles flexed as he pushed himself up and approached me confirmed everything.
It was positively a sin for him to ever wear a stich of clothing. Ever. His skin was flawless and tanned, and inwardly I thanked God for falling into the fountain.
“You okay?” he asked, stalking toward me with all the grace of a lion zeroing in on its kill. Stalking was the only way to describe the way he moved—a sudden flutter filled my stomach more from exhilaration than fear. I was in no danger here, other than what would happen if we both acted on the sexual chemistry naturally building between us.
“Yeah, I just have one problem.” All humor drained from his face as concern replaced it. Seeing he’d misunderstood me, I quickly added. “See.” Letting go of the bunched waistband of the pants I borrowed, they instantly dropped, pooling at my feet. “I’m thinking this is as good as it gets.”
I reveled in the way he seemed to devour the sight of me standing there in his plain black shirt—the hem grazing just above my knee.
“Somehow I’m sure I’ll manage,” he admitted, reaching out to touch me. An emotion flashed across his face that I couldn’t quite read; but whatever it was, it pulled him up short. Instead, Ryder gestured for me to join him in the living room. He did curl his arm around my waist, however. “You look beautiful,” he murmured into my ear.

The Story of Us series
Genre: New Adult Paranormal/Fantasy Romance
Authors: Belinda Boring & Lacey Weatherford
Recommended Age: 18+ for mature themes and subject matter


Barnes & Noble: Coming soon
Amazon: Preorder available closer to release date. 

© Lacey Weatherford Books/Moonstruck Media, LLC./Belinda Belinda Boring - Author

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Do YOU have your copy yet?? Check out the teaser AND the new cover reveal!

“What’s your favorite flavor?” I asked, opening the door to The Creamery, just a few blocks down from Aggie’s, and gesturing for her to enter in front of me.
She shook her head. “I don’t have one. Every time I look into the ice cream case I see all those beautiful colors and it reminds me of my painter’s pallet. A painting done in only one color would pale in comparison to others. Ice cream is the same. I have to love all the flavors or none at all.”
I laughed, enjoying the glimpse into the way she saw the world through her artistic eye. “Sounds like a pretty big bowl of ice cream to me. Maybe I should’ve brought more money.”
Elbowing me in the ribs, she laughed. “I don’t eat them all at once, dork.”
“Dork?” Eyes widening, I stared at her. “Did you just call me a blue whale penis?”
Snorting, she laughed harder, lightly slapping my shoulder. “Stop it. You know that’s not what I meant.”
Grinning, I shrugged, understanding enough to know that the word dork was obviously common slang. “I was going to take it as a compliment. I mean, I am big . . . I’m just not that big.”
Face flushing red, she raised a hand over her gaping mouth. “Oh my gosh! I can’t believe you just went there.”
“You were the one that went there, not me. I was just clarifying,” I teased.
A woman wearing a store apron stepped up to the ice cream case. “Can I help you?” she asked politely.
“Yes. My friend here would like something big and blue that she can lick,” I said, smiling widely.
“Oh dear heaven above,” Skylar murmured behind her hand, her face turning the color of her hair as her whole body shook with silent mirth.



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