Beauty is in the Eye of the Book Reader!

Do you ever wonder how the same book can get such different reactions from people?  How two best friends can read the exact same thing and one of them will LOVE it and the other can shrug their shoulders and walk away? 

I know this is something that has interested me greatly in my book expereiences.  I have found some books so completely amazing and had the person next to me almost hate the same read.  As an author I literally tremble every time I open a new book review that someone has given my books, for fear of what I might find, even though those who have reviewed me have been extremely kind.

That's the neat thing about books though, they take each of us on our own journey.  What that journey is, depends on what the reader is seeking.  Is the reader and emotional reader looking to connect on some level to something?  Is the reader a literary individual who enjoys the careful crafting of a book?  Or is the reader someone who is looking to be swept away by a tale of adventure?

I could go on and on about the different kinds of readers there are, but the fact-of-the-matter is this: Beauty is in the eye of the book reader, and to that one person only their opinion really counts.  There is no right or wrong to their opinion, it's just what it is.  How much fun is it then, to be a part of such a wonderful blogging communtiy, where readers can ultimately share their likes and dislikes with one another, to help another reader choose a book?

I think it is amazing!

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