Diary Entry One:

Why Delusional Diaries? 
LOL Well this is the story behind that.  You see, I am an author of a new YA paranormal series which is currently making its maiden voyage around the globe.  People who have been reading the series have frequently accused me of sucking them into my delusions with me.  I actually take that as a massive compliment and wear my title of "Delusion-ist" proudly.  I have to say I've been enjoying watching my mental ward fill up with like minded people!! The more the merrier in my mind's eye! haha

In an ever so slightly related story, I had someone ask me about the meanings of my name the other day so I looked it up.  Lacey means "Cheerful", Marie means "Bitter"!  How's that for a mood swing for ya?  As if being a cheerful, bitter person wasn't enough, my mom's maiden is Moody.  My husband's mother's name was Boring!  So we are just a bunch of boring, moody, people who are apparently sometimes cheerful, when not being bitter, of course.  *_*  No wonder I'm delusional!!

So why a book blog too?
That one is easy.  In my 'travels" about the book world I have met some AMAZING, WONDERFUL, bloggers!  It would be an understatement to say that some of these individuals have become fast friends, even best friends, who I can spend hours talking about books with.  It's a world in which I have been warmly received and I greatly wish to take part in.  I had started keeping a list of some of my favorite reads on my author page of my book website, and soon found I was wanting to say more and more.  I started referring readers to other reviewers because my pages there couldn't handle the load.  I finally decided, with the encouragement of my BFF, to start up these pages.  Due to my time availablitly, and the fact that I'm running another site as well, I have chosen to keep this site small.  I hope to be able to update it frequently, and want it to be a fun little place for people to visit.  So welcome to my little world of delusions!  Feel free to come join the mental ward.
P.S. I LOVE, LOVE, comments and chatting with people, so feel free to type away!