Where do you like to read?

I picked up my book today and laid down on my bed without even having to think about it.  I laughed when it occured to me that my favorite place to read is in bed.  Whenever I think about reading I imagine myself all curled up amongst my my downy pillows and comforter, snuggled in for a good storytime as I allow a book to take my imagaination away on a vacation from everyday life. 

I tried to ponder over other locations that I like to read too.  I have read in the car while I traveled. Definitely not as comfortable by any means, but passes the time.  I have read with my knees tucked up in my overstuffed armchair and on the plush sofa as well.  But I realize that after reading in all those places I eventually get up and meander my way back into my bed at some point.  So the bed wins.  It is definitely my favorite reading spot.

Just as I'm picking up my book to read again, my husband walks in and hands me a Scrumdiddlyumptious Chocolate Bar and says, "I was thinking of you today and brought you a treat."  He brought me chocolate?  While I'm reading in bed?  Has there ever been a better man?  I think not!! So, I am now settled back into my bed to continue my adventure with the taste of chocolate on my lips and my book in my hands.

I sigh in blissful contentment and ask you, "Where do you like to read?"