My Two Favorite TV Shows!

Here are a couple of shows I like with some book connections:

I was totally enraptured with the return of the Vampire Diaries on the CW tonight.  I cannot say enough about this show.  The writing is awesome and I love how there are always plot twists I didn't see coming!  I have been a fan of Team Damon from almost day one, but I was thrilled to see Stephan get his forceful groove on tonight.  It stepped up his sex appeal 100% and I find myself now on Team ... well I guess I will have to watch more of the season to see!  While I have never read the books, I have to say the Vampire Diaries t.v. show has me firmly hooked!

The second show I'm greatly looking forward to is the season 3 premiere of 90210.  What does this show have to do with books you might ask?  Well 90210's lead hottie, Matt Lanter, happens to have been the muse for my character, Vance Mangum, in the book series that I wrote, Of Witches and Warlocks.  Matt is one of the best actors out there these days and I see him on the fast track to super stardom.  Not only that, I have found that he is just an all around terrific person in real life too, and I have enjoyed my associations with him.  Mr. Lanter was a savior to the fledgling 90210 show when he came on in the first season as he delighted fans with his portrayal of delicious bad boy, Liam Court.  I have high hopes for season 3 and look forward to the premiere next Monday on the CW.
Check out Matt in this Preview Clip!