Sporting A New Look!

As some of you may know, (if you follow my website for my books) I tend to like to change things up a bit now and then, just to give things a different feel.  I love all of the different template designs that are out there.  They are kind of like book covers to me.  They call out to me and seduce me a little bit and I just want to pick them up and play with them for a while.

This is a design that has always spoken to me.  Red is one of my very favorite colors, (I have four actually, red, black, green, and gold) so don't be surpised to pop on my page now and again to find it all switched up.  It doesn't mean I didn't like a certain template, it just means I found a new one that I wanted to play with!
I also enjoy playing around with photoshop and I love beautiful photos too, so things from there may make appearances on here from time to time as well!  I hope you will enjoy it!