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This week's question comes from Ivan who blogs at Ivan Bookworm:
 "What book influenced or changed your life? How did it influence/change you?"
I actually had a book series that influenced and changed my life at the tender young age of eight.  That was when I came across the Nancy Drew book series and after scouring every library for every copy I could find, I decided I wanted to be a writer.  I began writing my own little mystery stories when I was nine that featured me and my cousin.  My mom saved them all these years much to my embarrassment!  I dabbled in poetry and writing romance stories for my friends through out my school years.  That love eventually led to college composition classes and my attempt to write a book just to have for my own shelf to say "I did that."  Who knew it would lead to the road it did?  Now as I get my fourth book ready to be published I look back and see that Nancy Drew started it all!  So thank you Nancy for captivating my imagination, and to all the many authors who penned under the name of Carolyn Keene, thank you too!
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