Book vs. Movie: I Am Number Four

Everybody loves a good book!  And who doesn't love a great movie?  But what happens when a good book becomes a great movie?  Or perhaps when a not-so-great book becomes and awesome movie, or vice versa?  This post is my opinions on how a book and its movie match up!

This week I am comparing: I Am Number Four, by Pittacus Lore
I have to say right away that I had been looking at reading this book before I heard of the movie.  I think perhaps seeing the movie trailer, however, bumped it up to the top of my list.  I was very excited to get it and sat right down to read it when I did.  I was gripped from the first page, and I didn't want to ever put the book down, not even to go to sleep.  About halfway through the book, I already knew that unless something catastrophic happened in the writing between there and the end, that this book would be getting a five star rating from me.  The book did continue on in fabulous fashion, and I do indeed give it five stars.
What did I like about it?  1. The story telling was fresh and easy to keep up with, not loaded down with a bunch of lingo that you can't begin to pronounce like other books have been that take you "out of this world."  2. The characters were endearing, easy to connect with and enjoyable to read.  The relationships between them were clear and concise, never feeling muddied up.  3.  There were twists and turns that kept things interesting, while being combined with "everyday life" type incidents as well.  4.  The back story was done in an interesting fashion, keeping the reader in the present, while teaching them the crucial aspects of John Smith's and Henri's past.  5.  There was emotional value in the book, moments that made your heart race, moments that were tender, moments that were heart breaking.
By the time I put this book down, I was dying to see the movie.
So how did the movie compare?

I actually quite enjoyed the movie, and I would recommend it to everyone...but...the book was better.  While I devoured the opportunity to see these wonderful characters come to life, there was a couple things that underscored the movie for me. 
The first one was relatively minor, and that was the creative license that the producers used to deviate slightly from the book.  Some things happened out of sequence from the book or they were things that happened in the book, but used during different settings.  None of these truly detracted from the movie because they basically get you to the same place in the story, so even though they didn't bother me too much, I think I liked the way they were in the book better most of the time.
The second one, and the one which clinched the losing spot for the movie is the fact that the entire rich back story was completely left out.  This part of the book does so much to explain why things are happening to this boy.  I found because I read the book, I understood perfectly what was happening, but my companions who were with me often didn't follow what was happening as well.  When the movie was over I explained things to them and my comments were received with comments like, "Oh!  That makes so much sense now!  Why didn't they say that in the movie?"  That stuff really should have been in there.  It is an extremely vital part of the story.  So what did I like about the movie?  The people were beautiful, the chemistry was great, and the action was awesome!  It's definitely a keeper!

My Rating: Book 5 Stars.  Movie 4.50 Stars.

The Movie Trailer: