It's In His Kiss!

"We should do this again sometime," he said and I actually groaned internally at the words I had deemed as the kiss-of-death when they happened at the end of a date.
"Sure, that would be fun," I replied, feeling a little crestfallen as I stared up into his blue eyes that were sparkling in the porch light, wondering if I had done something wrong. 
We stood there awkwardly for a moment, but then he surprised me, gathering me up into his arms to pull me into a full bodied hug, pressing me tightly up against his six foot two inch muscled frame.  I slid my arms up around his neck, running my fingers up into wavy brown hair and returned his embrace for several long seconds, not wanting to let go.
I liked this guy.  I mean I really liked this guy.
We slowly released each other and I stepped back to look at him again.
"Thanks for the movie tonight," I said with a smile.
"No problem.  Catch ya later," he grinned, revealing a perfect smile before he turned to walk down the front steps and back toward the college in the direction of his apartment.
I watched him move away for several seconds before I turned and let myself into my house, hurrying to my bedroom and throwing myself onto the bed with a girlish sigh of delight.

I couldn't believe my luck.  I'd just had a date with James Weatherford!  I'd first met James in high school when he was dating a friend of mine who was on the dance team with me.  He went to a different high school than I did, but I knew all about him.  He had been a starter on the Varsity State Champion Football Team, he was the first place regional wrestler in his weight class, and he happened to be one of the rockinest saxophone players in the whole state, winning the Jazz in Arizona scholarship.  And he was HOT!
The relationship between him and my friend had been long over, and well, that was high school and this was college, so as far as I was concerned…he was fair game.
Fate had intervened on my behalf tonight and I wasn't about to waste her gift.  I'd been working my regular shift at the local Wal-Mart on an evening that the store had been particularly slow.  I was washing windows when my boss came out and told me I could take the rest of the night off, something that has NEVER happened in the history of Wal-Mart.  I realized then that I didn't have a ride home because I'd carpooled with a coworker.  I was contemplating what I should do, finishing up washing a door when I heard a sexy, masculine voice behind me.
"Hey there," it said and I turned to find myself staring up at the oh-so-handsome James Weatherford.
"Oh my gosh!  Hi!" I said jumping up to give him a quick hug.
"I heard you were going to college here too.  So you work here?" he asked, glancing to the windows I had been working on.
"Yep!" I replied.  "My boss just gave me the night off early though, so I was thinking of calling my uncle to see if he would give me a ride home."
"I'll give you a ride," James said smiling and then he turned to introduce me to a guy he was with, his roommate, Ty.  "We were just on our way grocery shopping if you don't mind coming with us to do that first."
"Okay! I'd love to go grocery shopping with you.  Let me go punch out and grab my stuff," I replied.
The three of us were soon in the car and headed to the grocery store.  All of a sudden I felt kind of nervous.  I barely knew this guy as a passing acquaintance.  I had danced with him once or twice at a couple of different dances and we had enjoyed visiting together, but now here I was buying groceries with him.  I asked him what kind of food he liked and the two of us strolled down the aisles picking out random items here and there.
"You should come over tonight and watch a movie or something," James said when we were on our way to the register.
"That sounds fun! Would you mind if I went home and changed first?" I asked.
"Not at all," he replied.
A short time later I was at my house.  I ran inside to change into some cute clothes and hurried back out to meet him.
When we got to his house I met his other two roommates, one of which was his best friend, Weston, who had dated my best friend in high school.  We visited for a little bit before sitting down with snacks and watching the movie.
I sat on the floor in front of a chair and James came and sat behind me.  I didn't remember anything about the movie except for the fact that I had been leaning back against the chair in between his strong, sculpted legs.  At some point during the show he began tracing lightly with his fingers on one of my shoulders, sending goose bumps in waves over my entire body.
He walked me home after the movie since I only lived one block over.  Now, here I was, contemplating whether or not he really liked me.  He said we should get together again, but he didn't say when.  That was usually guy code for an easy let down in my book.
I had a hard time going to sleep, but I finally did, only to wake up in the morning and finding my brain unable to leave the subject of James.
I got up, had breakfast and got fixed up for the day before deciding to go for a walk.  I ran into all of James's roommates up by the racket ball courts and stopped to say hi.
We visited for a couple minutes before I asked where James was.
"He's back at the apartment studying," Weston said.  "You should go by and say hi to him."
"Oh, I don't want to bother him if he's studying," I replied with a smile, but a little thrill coursed through me at the idea.
"He could use a break.  You should go by," Weston said again.
"Okay," I replied.  "Maybe I will."
I turned and began walking in the direction of the apartments wondering if I actually had the guts to walk up and just knock on the door.  Even though I was talking myself out of it the whole way, my feet continued their course until I was indeed standing outside his front door.
Taking a deep breath I lifted my hand and knocked before my courage failed me completely.  My heart was racing as I waited and a few seconds later the door opened. 
James had a look of surprise for a second before a big smile spread across his face.
"What are you doing here?" he asked, stepping aside and gesturing for me to come inside.
"I ran into your roommates at the racket ball court and they said I should come by and say hi," I answered feeling dumber than dumb at my obviously lame excuse to be there.
"Well I'm glad you did," he replied, going over to plop himself into a giant bean bag after I sat on the couch.
"They said you were studying though.  I don't want to interrupt you." Another obvious lie since I was here doing just that.
"Nah, I can take a break," he replied with a smile.
"Nice spool table you have going over there," I said with a laugh, gesturing toward the quintessential piece de resistance college furniture in the corner.
He laughed too and began telling me of his roommates dumpster diving tales to furnish their apartment, which also featured a lovely block and board entertainment center.
We had a good time with easy conversation and soon I was sitting on the floor next to him.  I don't remembered what comment actually triggered the giant tickle fight which ensued shortly there after, but suddenly we were rolling around on the floor together, trying to best one another. 
We paused after several minutes, gasping for air and it was then that I realized his arms were wrapped tightly around me and I was lying on top of him.  I looked into his amazing blue eyes and in that instant the air became heavily charged with electricity.  The smiles slid slowly off of our faces and then we were kissing.  Heavily kissing.
He rolled me over, pressing his body against mine, our tongues tangling madly together as we tried to pull each other even closer.  He smelled so good and I couldn't get enough of him, touching his face, running my fingers through his hair, lacing my fingers together with his, tracing the muscles in his arms, grabbing at his strong shoulders.
He kissed like no one I had ever kissed before, masterful and demanding, hot and moist, and I knew I was lost, ruined forever on a kiss I'd only be able to get from him.
He didn't disappoint.  That kiss, our first kiss, lasted for two hours, and when I finally made a move to leave I looked like I had been ravaged for two hours too.  No trace of make up was left on my well loved, swollen lipped face.
James walked me to the door.
"So there's a social this weekend up on the mountain.  Would you like to go with me?" he asked casually.
This is more like it, I thought to myself.  He was actually asking me out, not giving me some lame "we should get together sometime" speech.
"I would love to," I replied honestly.
"Great," he replied grinning.  "I will come pick you up."
I skipped home that night, my heart beating a million times a minute.  James Weatherford had asked me out and he had kissed me.
I didn't know that particular day that I was kissing my future husband, but it's twenty-one years and six kids later now.  The man still kisses like the devil and I can't stop sighing because now I know I will never be able to get enough of him!

Gotta LOVE that 80's hair!  And now you know why I love to READ and WRITE romance!
May your day of LOVE, HUGS, and KISSES be FABULOUS!!