Kiss of the Week

Do you love kissing? I know I sure do!  There's nothing more romantic than a super hot, breathtaking kiss to get the juices flowing!  Each week I am going to feature an awesome kiss that I've run across in reading, and I will also tell you the book it is from, in case you would like to read it too!  Sound delicious right?  Well, let's get on with it then!

Here is this week's lip smackin' delight:
She thought for a moment that his mouth seemed made to fit to hers-wondered how he knew just how to kiss her so perfectly as to send her entire body to racing with swarms of butterflies and rippling goose bumps!  She'd kissed other boys-other men-but kissing Vance was an entirely different experience-just as it had been the first time.  As his moist, Juicy Fruit-flavored mouth melded with her own, she was conscious that kissing him would, no doubt, mess with her head again-but she didn't care-the experience was utterly and entirely euphoric! 
Vance broke the seal of their mouths for a moment, changing the direction of the incline of his head and kissing her again.  She felt his hand weave through her hair at the back of her head-gasped a little as he palmed her head deepening the firm demands of his mouth.
Passion!  Passion the like Boston had never experienced was blazing voracious inside Dempsey's pantry!  Unbridled passion!  She couldn't seem to hold him close enough-couldn't seem to quench her thirst for his kiss.  Vance's arms nearly crushed her as he held her to him-as his mouth endeavored to quench her thirst -or his.

Wow! Who knew kissing in a dark pantry could be so much fun?  You can read about more hot kisses between Vance and Boston by picking up a copy of Kiss in the Dark, by Marcia McClure.