Kiss of the Week!

Do you love kissing? I know I sure do!  There's nothing more romantic than a super hot, breathtaking kiss to get the juices flowing!  Each week I am going to feature an awesome kiss that I've run across in reading, and I will also tell you the book it is from, in case you would like to read it too!  Sound delicious right?  Well, let's get on with it then!

Here is this week's lip smackin' delight:

     Before he could answer, I slid my hands through his curls and grabbed his head, using him as an anchor as I let my tongue set sail in the wonderous sea of his mouth.  He stiffened in surprise, and I thought for a moment he was going to protest my brazen action, but he relaxed into the chair, groaning into my mouth as he grabbed my hips and pulled me forward.
       I twisted my lower body away from him, my mouth still pressed to his, the taste and smell and feel of him making me feel lighted headed as I resettled myself so I had his hips between my knees.
     "Much better," I moaned, sucking his lower lip into my mouth so I could gnaw on it a bit.
     "You're driving me mad," he answered, his hands digging into my hips as he pulled me up against him, then reclaimed possession of my mouth.  I hoisted the surrender flag and welcomed the boarding party.
     "You know that, don't you?" His hands released my hips and started pushing the flimsy silk of my nightgown up my thighs, leaving trails of fire where his fingers danced on my flesh.  "You're driving me barking mad.  Everthing about you pushes me to the edge.  I've never met a woman like you, one who effects me like this-"
     I cut him off with a particularly effective tongue move.  He rallied to my en garde, his tongue a flick of flame on mine as he parried, thrusted and lunged in a manner that made my whole body want to stand up and shout, "Ahoy, matey!"

Hmm..I'm thinking if this boat's a rockin' we shouldn't bother knockin'!  Sounds like this ship is ready to set sail!!  I loved the passion vs. humor that was going on here.  If you would like to read more of the hot, body rubbing kisses then you can find them in a little book called : A Girl's Guide To Vampires, by Katie MacAlister!

I hope you enjoyed this week's kiss! Stay tuned for more coming next week!  Until then...Muah! xoxo