Kiss of the Week

Do you love kissing? I know I sure do!  There's nothing more romantic than a super hot, breathtaking kiss to get the juices flowing!  Each week I am going to feature an awesome kiss that I've run across in reading, and I will also tell you the book it is from, in case you would like to read it too!  Sound delicious right?  Well, let's get on with it then!
Here is this week's lip smackin' delight:   
"How does it feel?" I pressed.   He took a deep breath, his chest rising. 
"It feels like a veil of safety, a notion that you're not alone."   I searched his eyes, listening to his words, envisioning the veil.   "More specifically..."  his lips spoke against my cheek  " feels like..." 
A cold chill ran down my spine as his words stopped, silenced by a kiss against my skin.   I shut my eyes, the heat of my emotion in direct contrast to his touch.  He leaned against me, his hands pressed against the car, holding me there.  He kissed my nose, my other cheek.  I stopped breathing, and finally his lips found mine. 
They were soft like air, the pressure so delicate that it almost didn't feel like kissing at all.   My body felt weak, the cold tingle in my spine spreading into a feeling I'd never felt before.  I pictured the veil surrounding us, holding us together.  His body felt powerful, his hands sliding from the car to my sides, grasping my hips as his fingers arched my back...

So I always love reading kisses in some good YA action too, and this one was a breathtakingly sweet Angel vs. Human first kiss!  Can't wait to read more of this one!  You can read it for yourself by picking up a copy of Knight Angels: Book of Love, by Abra Ebner.