Random Ramblings: My Cover Models!

Random Ramblings is a post where I'll write about whatever catches my fancy for the week.  Sometimes it may be book related, other times it may just be life related.  I like to take photos as well, so it may feature some of those too.  I hope you'll enjoy all the random things I have to say!

This week I'm going to ramble about a subject that is near and dear to my heart.  And that is about the cover models for my book series Of Witches and Warlocks.

Now you may be wondering why my cover models are so near and dear to my heart, but I happened to have lucked out and I have a beautiful daughter who is a talented actress with many plays, musicals, and even a movie under her belt.  Her name is Kamery and she is as sweet as she is beautiful!

Kamery is my oldest daughter.  She is nineteen years old, soon to be twenty in just two months time.  That's a fact I rarely acknowledge because it reflects my age.  I prefer to think she is just "catching up" with me! LOL

One day Kamery met a charming young man named Jake, and the two of them hit it off immediately.  If it wasn't love at first sight, it was definitely "wow I find you to be really hot and I want to date you" at first sight!  Jake was three months younger than Kamery, and a junior in high school.  Kamery was a senior.  The two of them hooked up rather quickly, having their first date on the 4th of July, and they truly saw fireworks together.

It was during this time that I began writing a little novel called The Trouble with Spells, the first book in a YA paranormal series that was actually inspired by an incident with Kamery.  She had dyed her hair to a near black color after being a blond for a while, and we jokingly made the comment that people were going to start calling her a witch.  For some reason this comment stuck in my head and I started plotting a story that was initially going to revolve around two best girlfriends, one blond, one with black hair, and one of them would find out she was a witch.  I had the first chapter of the story written when I decided that I needed to add a hot hunky boy interest.  Well, once I added him, the original storyline was scrapped and he took over the story.  I soon found myself published, and even had book two, The Demon Kiss, under my belt when my publisher and I had the bright idea to use the kids on the cover.

Now those of you who know my story from previous interviews are aware that the main male character, Vance Mangum, was based on the images and mannerisms of actor Matt Lanter, (Liam 90210, Edward Sullen Vampires Suck).  While I have been fortunate enough to have formed a bit of a friendship with Matt, he was obviously not going to be available for a book cover ever.  I agreed with the assessment of everyone, that it was better to have people on the book covers and we put the kids on it.  So, when book three came out, it sported a bit of a different look.

We got a huge positive reaction over the new look, with great feedback.  I started posting pictures from some of our photoshoots of Kamery and Jake on our website, and they actually started building a fan base of their own from it.  When we were finally able to buy out the rights for the first book in the series from the original publisher, and have it reprinted with the correct manuscript in it, we decided to change the looks of the previous books to match, while we did the photo shoot for the book four cover image.
The cover designs will be finalized in the next week and the reprints will be available around mid March.  I have already started receiving book signing requests asking me to please bring my cover models with me...even a television interview too!  But that is only half of the story!

Kamery graduated and went away to college, while Jake stayed behind to finish his senior year of high school.  Being apart proved to be too much for them though and Jake proposed to Kamery and they got married the summer after he graduated.  So sometimes those book romances are real life too!

I love that this has become a family project for us now.  We have had the photoshoots to produce the images to go on book four and five already.  Book four will be release around May/June.  Here is the cover design for it.

I love this one!! I think it's going to be one of my favorites of the bunch.  Those red contacts creep me out! haha  Kamery couldn't even stand to look Jake in the eyes while he had them in!  She kept cringing! We haven't revealed book five's cover yet, but trust me..it's a good one too!

So, Kamery and Jake have been a lot of help with this project and we have had a great time going out on some fun locations to get pictures together.  They also happen to love reading as well, so I encouraged them to start blogging with me too.

They came up with a fun concept called He Said, She Said, where they will both read and review some of the same books and give reviews from both the male and female perspective.  They recently created a blog page, which you can access by clicking my link here or at the advertisement for them at the top of this blog.  It has been a little touch and go for them since they don't have the internet hooked up at their house yet, so they blog when they can hit a good wi-fi hot spot.  Their cute post, Thought Bubble Thursday, was an instant hit with their new readers, very funny stuff, so be sure to check that out too!

I just want to say "Thank You" to Kamery and Jake for all the time they have invested in helping me out with this project.  They're always full of good suggestions and ideas, plus we can't seem to work together without laughing our heads off about something...and that just makes work a lot of fun!  I have certainly been blessed!

Here is the new book trailer: