Changes, Changes, Changes!

Hi everyone!

As you may have noticed, my website has been given and overhaul and a name change.  Due to my busy writing/editing schedule I was having a hard time maintaining all of my websites.  I've done a little combining and reorganizing which will hopefully help me out and make it easier for everyone else too!

The Delusional Diaries has now been combined with my author page to become Lacey Weatherford Books.  What this means is that I will now be posting news about both the books I'm WRITING as well as READING.  I will still have features here and there, giveaways, and event news, as well as guest posts from other authors and bloggers on this page.

As far as my book reviews go, I will actually be teaming up with The Bookish Snob and posting my reviews on her site under The Romance Diva icon.  I will be reviewing both YA and Adult romance genres, everything from paranormal, historical, and contemporary!  So just look for my pretty icon (pictured left) and you will know if it's a post from me!  I will leave links to those posts on this page too so all my followers can access them easily.  I've very excited to be posting on The Bookish Snob's website since it is fabulous and has a great following as well.  So if you aren't following her yet then go do it so you can join the excitement.  Her blog is like one giant party of FUN!

You can find links to pages for my books, my reviews on The Bookish Snob, Twitter, Facebook, and 4 Corners Press in the tab bar under the header at the top of this page!
Thanks for humoring me on this, and I hope to get to visit with you all a lot more often!

Lacey Weatherford
Author - Reviewer