It's In His Kiss!

Have you ever hit that spot in a story when all the tension between your lead characters is spilling out over the pages and you feel like you just want to scream out, "Just kiss her already!"? Then it happens, filling you with tingles as you devour the moment on the page, your breathing ragged as you are overwhelmed by perfect, heartpounding kisses.  Well, because I love those kind of moments so much, I made this post to celebrate some of them!

This week's KISS if from The Highwayman of Tanglewood, By Marcia McClure.
Goodreads Rating: 4.35 from 485 ratings

~He whispered then, "A shared kiss is require, Faris--if you wish to be free of me."
Instantly, his mouth captured hers, coaxing her lips to part. Faris melted against him, her resolve to resist in returning his kiss utterly vanquished as passion caught flame and smoldered between them.  He was strong--powerful! His kiss was moist, demanding, overpowering in rendering a sense of intoxication to Faris's full body and mind.  Faris despised herself--for she reveled in the bliss evoked by Lochlan Rockrimmon's kiss as deeply as she reveled in the bliss found in the arms of the Highwayman of Tanglewood!
His rough whiskers assaulted the flesh about her mouth.  His strong hands caressed her arms, tightened about her waist, wove fingers through her hair.
"Will you not touch me , Faris?  Will you not embrace me?" he asked in a whisper.  "Will you not let me feel the warmth of your full self in returning our kiss?"
Faris knew she must break from him, but not before she had held him in return.  His words were as a warm rain, and she melded to him, letting her arms go around him--her mouth working with his to generate a passionate exchange the like she had shared with just one other.
A deep moan rose from his throat as he pushed her back against the wall.  His body pressed hers as he kissed her, his hands fisted and hard pressed on the wall at either side of her head.  His kiss was ambrosial in nature--perfect in its heated application and coaxing response.~

Oh my gosh!  Somebody please pass me a fan!!
This story was so awesome I now find myself in mourning because it's over!  I actually want to pick the book up and read it again, which is something I don't do very often.  I hope you enjoyed this kiss too!

(My Rating: 5 Stars)
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