My Giddy Fan Girl Moments at the AZ Dreamin' Book Convention!

I had the wonderful opportunity to go to the first Arizona Dreamin' Book Convention held in Tempe, AZ. at the Inn Suites Hotel.  Accompanying me were my lovely daughter, Kamery (blogger/cover model), my BFF Belinda (The Bookish Snob/Author/Publisher), and our lovely business partner and friend, M.D. Christie (author/publisher).
 (Bels, Me, Kam, M.D.)
We started out registering and receiving these nifty little gifts bags full of all sorts of goodies, before moving on to fill out our schedules for which author panels we wanted to attend.  It worked out pretty good, with us getting into all the panels we wanted to except for one.
Swag Bag

                                       (More swag than I could possibly know what to do with!)
After we got our scheduling taken care of we hopped on over to get an eyeful of the oh-so-hot Jimmy Thomas, international cover model extraordinaire, who was doing a photo shoot for the event.  I have never seen so many women crammed in one room in my life. Boy was it hot in there, and it wasn't just because of all the people!  I'm not sure how it happened but somehow I managed to get shuttled to the very front of the group along with Bels and we got front row seats, two feet from the shooting action right at the end of the bed. And when Jimmy and the lovely model he was working with moved off the bed to stand by the wall, we were invited to sit on the bed.  The photographer was literally leaning over us as he snapped the pictures! It was awesome to watch them work and we were so close to everything it felt almost like we were a part of the shoot!

(YEP! I got the calendar! Much to my hubby's dismay!)

(Me & Bels on Jimmy's bed!)
During a break in the session, I had the opportunity to speak with Jimmy and show him a cover design I'd made using one of his images.  I hemmed and hawed about showing him my book cover, worrying he might not like it, but I finally worked up the nerve to show him.  Well, I'm glad I did because he "LOVED" it (his words).  He showed it to several people and had me send it to him right then and there! Imagine my surprise when I got on his pages later to find it is now his icon for all his websites!  Wow!! I feel special! That was one of my biggest "giddy fan girl moments" at the event!
(THE cover!)
After the shoot was over we headed to the author dinner.  We were seated at a table with the lovely Deena Remiel (fabulous author) who had kindly procured us last minute tickets to the event after it had sold out.  It was so fun to meet and visit with her!  She was so sweet, even having little gifts for us all!  The food was served up buffet style and it was delicious with cranberry salads, cooked squashes, rice, marinated chicken, and rolls, followed by yummy brownie desserts.  While we ate we got to ask questions and visit with twelve other authors on a panel and hear about how they came to know writing success.  All of these ladies were terrific and it was fun to listen to them speak!

(Our table.)
(Author panel)
When dinner was over we met with Jimmy one more time for a photo op.  Can I just say he is THE nicest guy ever!  So down to earth!  I loved that!  He even got down on his knees for Bels to sign her cast!! How much more awesome can you get?

(Me & Jimmy)

(Jimmy signs Bels cast)
We went to several author panels for the rest of the night, hearing about other books, listening to readings, having our books signed, and getting opinions of the book world in general.  Of course, we had to keep rushing to the book store too, so we could pick up all the books by these amazing ladies!  I think we loved just about everyone we met, whether reader, blogger, or author.  But some of my favorites authors of the night were Amber Scott, Deena Remiel, Erin Quinn, Tamala Van Gurp, Cassie Ryan, Morgan Kearns, and well, just everyone!  I shouldn't name them because I'll leave someone out!!
(My book haul: Bought 3, given 5, won 1!)
We ended up going home after the panels were done because we were EXHAUSTED, so we missed the late night romantic movies and we never found out if Jimmy actually got his hair braided into corn rows!  But that's okay because I hit the pillow and had wonderful romantic dreams all night long!

This was such a great experience!! I can't wait to attend the Rom/Con in Denver in August now! I hope it will be a good time too! :D

Do you have a favorite convention to attend?