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Love to read? Like free books? Well, then this is the event for you!! 15 authors go head to head in a flirt to the finish to woo readers to their sites.  What's so great about that? Well, I will tell you.  EVERY person who comments gets a free ecopy of the featured books! That's right...even if ten thousand people show up, they will all get a free ebook!!

Want to get even better? Okay!! Every author will be giving a specialized Grand Prize at their giveaway as well.  So your guarenteed free ebooks, plus a chance at some GREAT prizes.  But it still gets better!  There will be an overall winner too.  How would you like to win a Kindle?  I know I love mine!

This awesome event runs throught July 18th-22nd, and it will features some of the #1 Best Selling authors on Amazon Kindle!  You can't miss with this event!

Matt Lanter: Liam 90210, Anakin Skywalker -
Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Edward Sullen -
Vampires Suck, & coming soon Liars All
Come by on July 19th to participate in my featured day!  I'll be giving away book one in my Of Witches and Warlocks series, The Trouble with Spells.  I will also be doing a Grand Prize giveaway basket full of awesome spa products, goodies, music, candles, books, swag, t-shirt AND a personalized-to-you, autographed photo of my muse for Vance Mangum, the wonderful and amazing actor, MATT LANTER!

Don't miss out on this FUN event!!

What do you like to read??

Want to see a little more of Matt? Check out this great fan made video featuring him on his current TV show, 90210 on the CW. Follow Matt at