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YAY! You’re here!  This is the place where the MAGIC is happening! Let’s have some FUN!

What better way to drum up book excitement than a “Flirt to the Finish?” Trust me, we have plenty to flirt over. I mean, “Hello? Vance Mangum!!” Need I say more? #TotallyFlirtworthy

We have other great authors sharing Fabulous Flirts too!  Who doesn’t love helpful publishing tips like those in Dollars & Sense, by Rachael  Thompson? I gobbled it up!  And Terri Giuliano’s, In Leah’s Wake, will tear at your heartstrings with a family in turmoil.  Seriously, check out the amazing authors “wooing” in this event!!

I have NO DOUBT that my young adult, paranormal romance, The Trouble With Spells will appeal to your inner need for SWOON!  It may even speak to your inner child—you know, the one who always wished for supernatural powers?! #HotWarlock #KickButtHeroine

I, personally, could flirt with sexy bad boy, Vance Mangum, all night long!  “Hey Vance, I’d love to go for a ride on your motorcycle!” Hmmm, too subtle?  “Vance, how do you feel about dating a cougar?” Too strong?  Perhaps I should just wear my “Vance—Kiss Me HERE” t-shirt!  Men always work best with instructions! #AmIRight? #LOL

Matt Lanter is currently starring as Liam court on 9O21O,
Anakin Skywalker on Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and in the
soon-to-be released movie, Liars All. You can see all of Matt's
film credits on IMBD.You can follow Matt on Twitter.
 Speaking of HOT you know who my MUSE for Vance Mangum is?  Say "HELLO" to uber sexy and talented actor, MATT LANTER!!  Dear, sweet, AWESOME, Matt has graciously donated a signed photo to the giveaway to AND he's PERSONALIZING it to the winner!! (I seriously think I just heard a thousand girl's hearts fall out of their chests onto the floor!) #GigglesGiddily
Alright, I hear your call for more … you want the FREE PRIZES!  Here’s the dish!

1. Comment and win your free ebook, The Trouble With Spells, by telling me what your favorite pick up line is. Don’t have one? Make one up! #ItsAllGood

Theme: “A Night IN with Vance Mangum!”  Pamper yourself
with bath/spa products, candlelight, and relaxing music! 
Then slip into your comfy "Vance Kiss" t-shirt and cuddle up
with ebooks 1-4 in the Of Witches and Warlocks series while
devouring decadent hand dipped chocolates.  Oh ... and did I
mention that comes with a personalized, signed picture from
 the ever-so-hot actor, Matt Lanter, who is the muse for
Vance Mangum? Yep, it's true!  The photo will be delivered
straight from Matt to you!)
 2. Enter my personal GRAND PRIZE giveaway by picking your favorite review from my list of sponsors and comment on their site with the phrase, “Hot warlocks rock my world!”  My Sponsor Review Links: The Bookish Brunette, The Bookish Snob, The Wormhole, Paranormal Opinion, Reader Girls, Poisoned RationalityThe Caffeinated Diva, Susan K Mann, The Musings of M.D. Christie, Supernatural Bookworm, Breathing Books, Book Minions, Alisha Robinson, Sapphyria's Book Blog, Indie Book Blog. (WOW! Hope I didn't miss anyone! :/)

3.  Get 5 extra entries every time you Tweet, Facebook, or blog this! " NOW! FREE EBOOK #TheTroublewithSpells + a chance 4 a personalized pic from @MattLanter #MattLanterMuse #MenageABlog " then leave the details of where you posted in my comments so I can verify! ;)

4.  EVERY relevant comment you make counts as an entry toward the overall Grand Prize…the KINDLE!  So #ChattingItUp big time can make you a winner! And don’t worry, I TALK back, but I don’t BITE back! Much. ;)

That’s it! Are you ready? Let’s #ShareTheLove and #FlirtBaby!

Since we are all here making "Friends" today, my first pick up line is "JOEY TRIBBIANI STYLE:"

"Hey! How YOU doin?"
(YES! This is an international giveaway!)