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SAY WHAT? Round Two??  You heard it right!! The MAGIC is still happening!  Welcome to the Menage A Blog Final Flirt Off!! Free Ebooks & great Prizes all weekend long! Woohoo!

First…THANKS for all the support that got me to this round! WOW! #YOUROCK
The competition is TOUGH today, though!  I’m flirting along with the smokin’ Regan Black, author of the sexy urban fantasy, Tracking Shadows, and the fabulous Jacquie Rogers, author of the hilarious western historical romance, Much Ado About Marshals. Their books are big hits, so I’m having to pull out the BIG GUNS and take this to the NEXT LEVEL.

How am I going to do that?  By bringing on the KISSES!  One thing my readers can’t seem to get enough of is the HOT KISSING in The Trouble with Spells, and frankly, when it comes to Lip Smackin’…VANCE MANGUM is KING!

Here's a little TEASER:
His touch only increased my reaction to him, and I reached out to pull him closer to me, enveloping him in a deep kiss, opening my mouth to his invasion.
I released everything I had pent up inside me back into him.  He wrapped his arms tightly around me, answering my intensity, his hands sliding up to tangle in my hair.  His mouth pressed even harder against my lips, and he continued to devour them.
My pulse was racing, on fire, and I could feel the same emanating from him.  It was like someone had lit a match to gasoline, causing an explosion we had no control over, and I could think of only one thing.  I wanted more. #BIGSIGH

So, for all those readers who keep sending me messages about how they're SWOONING over Vance’s kisses, you can thank my MUSE for the inspiration.  Yep!  Meet MATT LANTER, super sexy, actor extraordinaire! Vance is based on Matt and if you think a PICTURE is worth a thousand words, well how about some VIDEO?  OH! And did I mention Matt’s giving away a SIGNED photo that’s PERSONALIZED to YOU as part of my Grand Prize giveaway? That's right! YOU can have a pic signed by the recently voted #1 Hottest Guy in Hollywood(Here’s your paper bag…breathe deeply!) #LOL

Matt Lanter is currently starring as Liam court on 9O21O, Anakin Skywalker on Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and in the
soon-to-be released movie, Liars All. You can see all of Matt's film credits on IMBD.You can follow Matt on Twitter.

"AWESOME!  How do I enter?" you say.  It’s EASY!

1. COMMENT & win your free ebook, The Trouble With Spells, by telling me where you were when you received your most memorable KISS! Then leave your email in the form at the end of this post so I can send you your free book! #TotallySmoochable (Please allow me the weekend to get all the free copies out! )

Theme: “A Night IN with Vance Mangum!”  Pamper yourself
with bath/spa products, candlelight, and relaxing music! 
Then slip into your comfy "Vance Kiss" t-shirt and cuddle up
with ebooks 1-4 in the Of Witches and Warlocks series while
devouring decadent hand dipped chocolates.  Oh ... and did I
mention that comes with a personalized, signed picture from
 the ever-so-hot actor, Matt Lanter, who is the muse for
Vance Mangum? Yep, it's true!  The photo will be delivered
straight from Matt to you!)
 2. When you're done commenting & filling out the short email form below, you can enter my GRAND PRIZE Giveaway by commenting with "KISS ME, VANCE!" on The Bookish Snob's post: Kiss Me, Seduce Me, Bite Me...Vance Mangum! (I believe she has MORE prizes in store for you too!!) #HeckYeah
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Here's one of my BEST kisses!  What can I say...I have several!

One of my most memorable kisses happened on the hood of a Mustang out under the stars, in the middle of nowhere!! #SoVeryExtremlyHot

Where have you been KISSING?

Don't forget you can still get books from the rest of the Menage authors through the weekend.  Go to Blog Tour de Force to see the list of who you might have missed!