"Your Boyfriend May Be A Demon If ..." Guest Post by Lexie, Poisoned Rationality

Welcome!  Today I'm excited to host a very fun guest post by the fabulous Lexie from Poisoned Rationality!  What if you suddenly found out the uber hottie standing next to you was harboring a gigantic secret?  Here are some things to watch for to help clue you in!!  Take it away Lexie!

Your Boyfriend May be a Demon if...You're chatting with your girlfriends one day, giggling about boys, hair and clothes when suddenly one of them brings up a touchy subject.

"Like I think Lexie's boyfriend is a demon!"

There are gasps all around from your friends while you sputter about how ridiculous that is.  Your boyfriend is a perfect angel!  A man without compare!

Well there was this one time his eyes seemed to glow red...but I'm sure it was just headlights flashing in his eyes! In broad daylight....

If you're like me then you turn to books for the answer.  If you're not like me and you don't turn to books for the answer, I guess you can go ask someone....something....that may help?

Culling through my library of demonic boyfriends and lovers, here's what I've come up with:

-He's gorgeous.  I'm talking GQ Hottest Man of the Year He Breaks Up Marriages Just by Smiling Gorgeous. 

-Seems to inspire wicked thoughts in those around him (not just lust either)

-His name (first or last) is a clever pun on any of the following: Lucifer, Hell, Darkness, Sin, Wicked, Satan, Daemon, Demon...

-You google his name and he doesn't have a facebook, twitter or blog account

-Or he does and his favorite quote is something like 'Let the Sinning Begin!'

-He doesn't seem keen on entering buildings with religious attachment--no matter what the denomination is

-He knows languages that were old when the dinosaurs were babies

-His eyes glow when you kiss

-If he refers to his family its in vague ways like 'My dad always gave me hell' or 'My family gets away with murder'

-Despite wearing clothing that probably would look frumpy on anyone else, he looks like he just walked out of a Calvin Klein ad

-He eats and eats but never seems to gain a pound (be careful here however, teenage boys can sometimes get away with this and still be human)

-Everyone seems to think you need protecting from him

-He laughs (amused or bitterly) when someone says he's a hellion

-He's very intelligent, I mean SUPER intelligent, but again he's GQ gorgeous and dresses like he has his own wardrobe consultant so no one would think to call him a nerd/geek/dork

So...how does your bf rack up?  It goes without saying that if he TELLS YOU he's a demon that's a pretty good indicator that he is. 

Also don't tip the cart before the horse.  Just 'cause he's a demon doesn't mean he doesn't have a heart, soul or moral conscience.  Odds are he doesn't, but love changes a person so he'll likely develop whichever of the three he's lacking in due course.

Thanks Lexie!! There you have it people! Keep your eyes open and pay attention!  LOL You can follow Lexie's blog by clicking the link for Poisoned Rationalitly in the sidebar!

If your boyfriend turned out to be a paranormal creature, what would you want him to be?