Pining For Paranormal

Pining For Paranormal

It’s late at night, a quick breeze blows over you sending a chill of goose bumps over your skin, swirling brown leaves past your feet and on their merry way down the sidewalk.  You wish that you would have been able wear something a little warmer to ward off the coolness of the evening, but that would’ve messed with the allure of your outfit, which is skimpy to say the least.

Craning your head up at the tall abandoned buildings around you, you listen carefully for any kind of sound at all, feeling frustrated at the silence.  You have it on very good authority that the local vamp club is around here somewhere. 

You followed the instructions to the letter, moving along the specified route and coming to stand on this particular corner.  You were told to wait here and the club location would be revealed to you, but it’s been ten minutes now and you haven’t seen or heard anything.

“Are you looking for something?” a deep male voice startles you from behind and suddenly you are rooted to the spot, unable to move, held frozen against your will.

You feel whispers of touch—light sensations brushing over your hair, trailing down an arm, moving around your waist, and then at your neck…cool breath, as words of liquid velvet brush over your skin.

“What do you seek?  What do you crave?” the voice of your unseen lover caresses, and suddenly you feel the sharp point of elongated teeth dragging over your throat, sending thrills coursing through your body.

Bite me, you think.  Bite me please.

This is what you’re craving, the reason you are standing on this corner.  Your blood races with need as you wish you could move to push your neck into those wonderful fangs, letting the promised exchange of endorphins rush through you body at a heady pace, taking you to new heights.

You are suddenly whisked away from your current location, finding yourself located in the middle of a dark, swanky club, with pulsating music surrounding you as humans and their vampire consorts move together in fluid motions of rhythm.  You notice that several are in the act of feeding right in the middle of the dance floor, sending thrill of both terror and desire rushing through your veins.

“What do you think?” the velvet voice whispers at your ear, penetrating through the loud environment of the club.

You turn to the voice and find your breath sucked away by the vision there.  He is much taller than you, and perfect in physique.  You vaguely notice the black suit, and red silk shirt he’s wearing beneath it, but it’s those ice blue eyes under the shock of slightly unruly black hair that have you mesmerized.

“It’s…nice,” you say, swallowing nervously at the image of him.

He throws his head back and laughs, revealing a long fangs protruding from his teeth.  “Nice huh?  Well let me see if I can change your opinion of that.  Would you care for a bite?”

You nod your head, not missing the double meaning of his words.

He wraps his fingers around your chin, tilting your head to the side as he steps in closer, and you feel your breath increasing in anticipation as he dips his head…..

Do paranormal stories excite you like they excite me?  Do you walk around in a daze dreaming over your latest hunky paranormal hero?  Do you have poster of vampires and werewolves hanging in your room?  Or perhaps on your computer or cell phone?  Do you haunt the paranormal section of your bookstore?  Does your movie shelf look like the thriller shelves at your video store? Do you find yourself drawn to the Gothic clothing wondering what it would be like to just vamp up your wardrobe a bit?  Do you hold secret séances with the hopes of conjuring a hot ghost? Does your journal look like a Book of Shadows? Are you considering that “Bite Me Here” tattoo for your neck?

Why does everyone pine for paranormal so much?  As a reader, I love the thrill of something that is forbidden or scary, that look into a world that should never have existed to begin with.  I love the ride of a well told paranormal tale.

As a writer, I love all of the endless possibilities with this genre.  Anything can happen, so it often makes it difficult to guess the ending or to see twists and turns that are coming because I’m not bound by a specific set of rules.  A paranormal world can be anything I want it to be, it can be crafted to my whim and measure.  I love having that kind of freedom when I write.

In The Trouble with Spells, I had a great time fashioning the magical world for this book.  There were several things that I tried doing different, one being that the witches in my book have a bit of a different look on the craft from a religious point of view.  Their view is not the only point of view however, as subsequent books will start intertwining different religious factions and forms of magic together to create one great whole magical world. 

Another change I used is that the demons in my book are not creatures that have crawled up out of hell, but are witches and warlocks who have twisted themselves into something powerful and evil.  It was “fun” for lack of a better word, to be able to create these creatures and the lore that surrounds them, and to get inside of their heads.

I’m always pining for the paranormal genre because it brings out so many opportunities for one to be creative.  But whether you are a reader or a writer, your imagination can be taken on a wild ride of possibilities, and what better thing is there to do than that?  So tell me, what do you pine for?