The Thrill of the Kiss!

The Thrill of the Kiss:

He grinned and pulled me out onto the step and into his arms, while reaching behind me to grab the door knob, pulling it shut as well.
“Hey, baby,” he said, stepping forward and pressing me against the door.
“Hey,” I replied breathlessly, grinning up at him.
He dropped his lips to mine then, kissing me hotly, running his hands up into my hair and holding my head tightly to his.
I couldn’t even move, my knees were shaking so badly, and I could feel his kiss like it was running through my whole body, sending little sparks everywhere. I lifted my hands to grip his shoulders, trying to balance myself.
He seemed to sense my need and moved one of his arms to slip it around my waist, pulling our bodies into full contact with one another.

Ah, the thrill of the kiss, that wonderful sensation that can zip through the entire body at the smallest touch of the lips.  There’s nothing equal to the buzz a good kiss can create, releasing the endorphins of attraction to race through our bloodstream with wild abandon!
The next best thing to receiving one of those delectable zingers ourselves, is reading about a good one in a book.  I think if I could figure out a way to write an entire novel with nothing but kissing in it I would do my best to make it work.
I began my personal pursuit of learning the art of kissing when I was thirteen years old.  I thought I was terribly mature at that age, and I found the opportunity to lock lips with my then “steady” (rolls eyes at self) boyfriend.  He was a cute sandy haired blond with brilliant eyes, a slight smattering of freckles across the bridge of his nose, and a winning smile.  We had made up our minds to move our “relationship” on to the next level, which basically constituted upgrading from “peck” kissing to French kissing.
It was a mutual decision, made together before the fact, so when we found the opportunity presented itself we were both suddenly shy with each other.  We would stop and shuffle back and forth on our feet, becoming quite interested in the grass growing beneath our feet, before chickening out and walking a little further together, only to repeat the process again.
Finally, on a small hill that afforded a great view of the valley around us, we stepped behind a cedar tree and let our mouths truly taste each other for the first time.
I was hooked!
I will never forget that tender kiss, our soft lips blending together, the warmth of our tongues tangling together, timidly at first and then stronger.  It didn’t last long, but it was magical.  We pulled apart blushing, both of muttering some sort of “Good job!” to each other before we left to head home separately.  Even though I knew I was going to be in trouble for getting home late, I skipped all the way, dreaming of the next time I would be able to kiss him like that again.
That short moment in time embarked me on one of my most favorite past times.  I love kissing!  Lucky for me, one thing I had an abundance of in my life was the availability of gorgeous, willing boys and I kissed them ALL!  The ones I was dating, not dating, just friends, neighbors, guys I just met…okay, you get the picture.  I loved to kiss!
So when I decided to try writing a romance I thought it was time to put all that experience to work.  I think the kissing scenes between Vance and Portia have always been some of my most favorite scenes to write, so you can imagine my joy and surprise when I popped onto a blog one day to read a guest post, and found a lovely poem by dear Susan Mann, dedicated to the first kiss of my characters!  I was thrilled, and I immediately asked Susan if she would allow us to publish her work on some of the new swag postcards for Of Witches and Warlocks.  She agreed of course, and I love it on there!
I’m find that I’m absolutely over-the-moon with the idea that the kissing moments of Vance and Portia could bring someone to enough emotion as to inspire poetry!  That’s completely amazing, isn’t it?  I hope you will all thrill over their many kisses to come!

First Kiss
By Susan K Mann

Standing face to face,
Our eyes lock,
Our heads tilt before the embrace,

The butterflies in my stomach flap intensely,
The anticipation of what is to become overwhelms me,
The hairs at the back of my neck start to tingle,

We move closer,
I feel your breath on my lips,
A shiver goes down my spine,

Our lips touch,
And the butterflies become bats,
The tingling becomes electrified,

Our kiss becomes more intense,
I intertwine my fingers in your hair,
Our breathing becomes faster, becomes one,

Then it’s over, WOW...

Here's HOT kissing video featuring my muse for Vance...Matt Lanter.

Catch Matt on Tuesday nights on the CW in the new season of 90210 on Sept 13!