Masquerade Blog Tour De Force!

Welcome to Blog Tour de Force Masquerade! I hope you’re having fun. I have had a great time checking out all the fab authors involved in this terrific tour this week. Make sure you haven’t missed anyone.

So I’ve taken over Lacey’s blog, which is cool since I don’t write paranormal or YA (hint, people). I like it over here. There are lots of hunky dudes. I’m just gonna hang out here with my coffee (yea, that’s a hint) and let you try to figure out who I am while I gawk a bit.

Lacey’s books are great. I’ve read several from her Witches and Warlocks series. My fave is The Trouble With Spells – I have a special place in my heart for that one since our #ahem, sexy hook-up a few months ago -- but they’re all really involving and well-written. 
Lacey is a bestselling author for a reason – head over to Amazon and read her reviews! She totally rocks. Her featured book, The Demon Kiss, is soooo good.  Or you can read her sponsor reviews at these awesome sites:
And she’s giving away a free eBook of The Demon Kiss to every person who comments.

She’s also got other cool free stuff, too (do hot guys count as stuff? #justsayin).
"Portia's Potions"- a box full of little vials of toxins, poisons, libations, spirits, aresenic, tonic, venom, elixir, and remedies, etc., that will kill the winner on an overdose of delicious yumminess as each vial is filled with special flavors of gourmet jelly bellies.  In addition to the sparkly box and vials of candy there's also a "potions" recipe book with fabulous witchy brews like Dry Ice Homemade Rootbeer, and Superbly Poisonous Homemade Caramel Dipped Apples - recipes certain to delight any novice witch's killer Halloween Party as she dances with her friends around her pumpkin spice scented candle. Bwahahahahahaha!

Plus, every guess (whether correct or incorrect so go for it) automatically enters you in the drawing to win a free Kindle. After this tour, you are definitely gonna need it, baby! (That was a hint.)

I’ve read so many books from this tour: The IBC horror anthology with stories by Rachel Thompson, Elena Gray, and Amber Scott The Evil Within, Amber Scott’s Soul Search, Jackie Chanel’s Change of Heart, Augusto Pinaud’s The Writer, Maxwell Cynn’s The Collective, and I’m so excited that Ann Charles’ Dance of the Winnabagos is here also. All twelve author’s books are terrific – and free for you! All amazing and here for you – free – just by commenting on each of our blogs and guessing who we are masquerading as.

Honestly, could is BE any easier? (hint. #der)

Okay, a few more hints. Telling you my hair color would be a dead giveaway. I don’t call myself queen though lots of other people do. Sometimes people get kind of upset at me for what I write about. Which is great – I use all their comments as inspiration for my next book, due in December. And there’s a particular punctuation mark that makes me run for a martini.

So start guessing so you can receive your copy of Lacey’s terrific The Demon Kiss totally and completely FREE. And tell all your friends to head on over here and check out the eye candy. It’s so cool how quiet they are. Pretty, pretty men.

****Important: leave your email address so Lacey can send you the free book info. No email, no bookie wookie.

Okay, I’m outta here. I’ve got stuff to write, drinks to pour, and people to anger.

Thanks for playing.

***This event is now over.  I would like to thank everyone who came to comment and get a book during my day.  Stay tuned for more events coming your way soon!***