How well do you know Vance Mangum?

So you've read the Of Witches and Warlocks series.  How well do you think you know Vance Mangum? Check out these facts to see if you have it right and then read the message from Vance himself! (Read freely. There are no spoilers.)

Vance Mangum Facts:

Full name: Vance Mangum (Cummings is birth surname)
Date of Birth: April 2nd.
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Town of Residence: Sedona, AZ.
Race/Nationality: Caucasian/American
Height: 6 ft.
Weight/Body Build: 190 lbs. Lean, ripped, muscular build.
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Blue
Health: Perfect condition.
Scent: A cool scented aftershave, with just a hint of leather.
Voice: “sexy” baritone
Usual Walking Style: Laid back, no rush.
Personality Traits: Slightly jaded cockiness at times, usually enforced to keep people at arms length.  Very observant of what’s going on around him.  Only lets those he trusts get to know the real him.
What type of clothes? Prefers jeans, & t-shirt, leather jacket when weather permits.
Shoes? Likes black, lace up, biker boots
Accessories? Small silver locket and chain.  Silver and black onyx pinky ring on occasion. 
Favorite Food? Sugar Cookies

Occupation/Social Class: Full time student, living a middle class life-style.
Views on Money/Spending Habits: Not a big time spender, but doesn’t worry about money at all.
Education/Intelligence: High School.  Extremely intelligent.
Birth Order: Only child
Religious Beliefs/Strength of Beliefs: Christian in origin, but with no regular religious worship, though he is firm in his belief system of there being a God and an afterlife.
Sexual Orientation? Heterosexual
What is his usual disposition? Depending on who he’s with, he can either be silent and broody, or very loving and attentive.
Optimist/Pessimist?  Mostly optimistic.
Introvert/Extrovert? Definitely an extrovert, but often gives off the appearance of an introvert on purpose.
Confident/Self-conscious? Extremely confident.
How does he feel about his appearance? He is very comfortable with his looks and knows he’s considered very good looking.
Type of vehicle? Motorcycle mainly, though an Audi S8 occasionally.
Most important possession: His girlfriend.  And as bad as that sounds, he does consider Portia his possession, but in a good way.
Hobbies? Likes to rebuild motorcycles, plays guitar occasionally.
Recreations? Driving on his motorcycle, hiking.
Sports? Weight lifting, and any other activity he may feel so inclined to participate in.
Talents: Has magical powers.  He can control fire, manipulate dreams, and heal others.
What is a normal day like for this character? Going to school, being with Portia, and keeping an eye out for his evil father.
Greatest Fear: That he will succumb to the darkness inside of himself.
Major Goals
1.  Graduate from High School
2.  Go to college.
3.  Find a way to remove the threat of his father from his life.
4.  Marry Portia.
5.  Have a normal life.

Significant Other/Relationship: Portia Mullins, steady girlfriend.
Who does he live with? His “aunt” Marsha.
Who does he spend the most time with? Portia.
Father? Damien Cummings
Relationship with father? Extremely strained and virtually non-existent.
Father’s Occupation? Archeologist
Mother? Krista Mangum
Relationship with Mother? Very close when they were together.
Siblings? None
Best Guy Friend: Brad Anderson
Other Important Friends: Shelly Fontane
Feelings toward animals: Finds them companionable.
How does he view his family? Completely broken.
How does he view his friends? He believes the few he has to be completely trustworthy.
How does his friends view him? Loyal.
Who is his hero? He doesn’t have one.  He doesn’t believe in heroes.

 From Vance to the fans!

Hey everyone, Vance here.

First off, I would like to thank you all for your overwhelming support.  It’s nice to be appreciated by so many despite all my flaws.  I personally fail to see what the big draw is for all you ladies, but if you feel the need to have your little “Vance fests” over me then who am I to stop you?  Carry on and enjoy yourselves.  I don’t mind. (Flashes a sexy grin)

I do have to say that some of you seem pretty feisty, which is kind of fun to watch if I’m being truthful.  However, that being said, there are a few things I should probably mention.

First off, to the wonderful lady who keeps contacting me—thank you so much for loving me, for promoting me, and for all the emails and tweets, but girl, as fun as I’m sure it would be, I don’t think Portia would appreciate it if I tried to help you have a baby.   But thank you so much for considering me worthy to add to your gene pool. (gives a wink)

To the fun group of gals from overseas—yes I am a healer, and while I would be honored to hop on a plane and come use my powers to help you out when needed, I do not serve comfort food shirtless, or cuddle up in thick blankets with my “patients” to warm them back to health. (chuckles a bit) Nor do I spoon feed, or nurse in any capacity.  I’ll just lay my hands on your skin and get the deed done real quickly. (shakes head) Wow. That sounded really bad. I just totally emasculated myself.

(A female voice with a Scottish accent cat calls from the audience: “Take your shirt off!”  Vance surprises everyone when he happily obliges with a giant smile, cocking that sexy eyebrow at the crowd while he does a couple of flexes much to the delight of swooning women everywhere!  He laughs out loud at the response and puts his shirt back on to dismayed boos from the fans!  He just grins and brushes them off with a hand and continues.)

You liked that did you?  Well then you can join me in this little rant to my dear author when I say “What gives, Lacey?”  While I appreciate you have written me to be uber hot and sexy, what does a guy have to do to catch a break with you?  Why don’t you come over here sweetheart and let me make out with you for a bit.  When I finally get you all hot and bothered we’ll just suddenly change up the scene or fade to black!  That’s so not right to leave me hanging like that all the time!  Let a guy have a little fun once in a while! (He grins as crowd cheers again.)  See!  The women want it too! (He nods to them appreciatively.) You gals are great!  I hope you all have some lucky guy in your life who appreciates you!
For anyone else I may have missed I truly enjoy your attention and strive to be worthy of it.  It’s been a lot of fun to get to read your comments and remarks about me, but I’ve got to go now.  My baby’s waiting for me to tuck her into bed and that’s an appointment I never miss.

Goodnight ladies.  Sweet dreams.