Sneak Peek of New Release: Crush, coming in October.

My editor say Hunter made her "tummy feel funny," you know, that crazy little flip flop thing it does when love excites you? Well, I'm thinking that's a GOOD thing! :) Here's a sneak peek of my upcoming release, Crush, which will be available in October!

She looked amazing in her green dress, her soft, red hair falling in waves down to brush her bare-skinned shoulders. She was showing a fair amount of leg too—something I hadn’t really seen her do before—and I didn’t mind one bit. She reminded me of some sort of green apple just ripe for the picking.
I grunted internally, realizing I was comparing her to fruit again. What was up with that? You know exactly what’s up with that, my mind countered, but I couldn’t force myself to look away. I knew she wasn’t for me, though, somehow, it didn’t seem to matter much at the moment.
“Enjoying the eye candy again, I see,” Russ said, joining me after getting his snack.
“Who? Clayton Bradley? I don’t think so.”
Russ snorted. “Yeah, we’re both aware that’s not who you were looking at. Dude, if you like her that much just go get her. You know you want her.”
I shook my head and turned in the direction of the theaters. “Can’t.”
“Why not?” Russ pressured, trying to understand. “You got a girlfriend back home? Or are you saying you play for the other team?”
I snorted. “I just can’t, okay? No girlfriend for me, period.”
“So you’re going to lust after her from afar?” He elbowed me as he took a bite of his giant popcorn.
“Something like that.”
We found ourselves a seat at the back of the theater. I liked sitting here so I could watch what everyone else was doing around me while I was waiting for the movie to start.
“This is just a crying shame,” Russ said.
“What is?”
“Sitting on the back row and not having any honeys to make out with in the dark. I need a date soon.”
“Good luck with that,” I replied. “Maybe you should try actually talking to a girl. That might help.”
“Oh, look who’s Mr. Advice all of a sudden—he who stares and drools from afar.”
“At least I have an actual babe to drool over instead of just wishful thinking.”
“Ah ha! You just admitted it. You do like her!” His face was lit up like he’d just discovered electricity or something.
And dang it, he was right. “Eat your popcorn like a good boy and leave me alone.” I grinned.
He laughed. “There’s not a good bone in this body.”
“That sucks for you,” I countered with a sly smile. “Good bones are all I have lately.”
Russ choked, spewing popcorn out into the aisle in front of him.
“That’s just sick, man,” I chuckled with a shake of my head, observing the chewed popcorn on the back of the chair in front of him.
“It’s your fault. Don’t blame me.” He took a napkin, wiping his mouth, and then the chair.
“You’re never gonna get a girl like this. Maybe I should show you how it’s done.”
“Well, master, here’s your chance.” Russ gestured out into the theater and I saw Cami and Clay enter together...
Are you excited yet? I know I am! I <3 Hunter!! :)