New Release: Too Close, coming in 2013

New Release coming in 2013!

Too Close:
Abigail Sawyer lives in a small town with one small church, and she’s the daughter of that church’s preacher. Everyone expects her to be the perfect child and set the example to the rest of the kids in town. It’s a role she handles fairly well until she finds out her old grade school crush, Johnny Kincaid, has moved back.
Johnny has grown up though. He’s been living for several years in the big city, become an amazing baseball player, and he’s tougher as well as quite a bit wilder too. He doesn’t go to church anymore after witnessing his parent’s bitter divorce, and Reverend Sawyer advises Abby to stay far away from Johnny, stating that the boy is trouble.
But when Johnny sees Abby again, he remembers the cute grade school girl that once held his heart and he wants her now more than ever. Abby soon realizes he’s her Kryptonite, constantly tempting in all the wicked ways she never thought she'd be interested in, crowding her heart and mind with beautiful, crazy, disturbing thoughts and emotions.
Can she resist, or will she succumb to desire?
Will their love stand up to the test when everything changes?