Sneak peek of CHASED DREAMS, book 3 in the Chase Walker series!

Sequel to Book of the Year, Chasing Nikki, and Finding Chase, BOOK THREE in the Chase Walker series is coming at your really quick! Here's sneak peek to hold you over. Grab it now exclusively at iBooks for Preorder, or get it everywhere on May 25th, and find out why early reviewers are calling it the "BEST" book in the series to date!!

***SNEAK PEEK: CHASED DREAMS, coming May 25, 2104!***
The cold sweat dripped off my warm face as I split the two defenders and let the ball sail to my wide receiver in the end zone. I’d been amazed by the size and abilities of all the athletes. There was a reason there were so many scouts from every team here. This was my chance to shine, to prove beyond a doubt that I was finally good enough.
I let my emotions flare and played hard, knowing I was on top of my game—there wasn’t a thing that could stop me, and I could almost feel my childhood dream coming true. I’d be the best quarterback the NFL could recruit.
My passes had been crisp, and even spectators had noticed my leadership abilities. I was in complete control and in charge. Nostalgic memories washed through my mind, of playing in peewee football camps. I’d grown up with this game, and I loved it, learning every trick there was in the book until there wasn’t any obstacle that could stop me.
A loud whistle blew sharply, catching my attention. “Time for lunch,” someone shouted and an excited groan of approval rippled through the guys I was playing with.
“Chase Walker.” The wire-rimmed glasses boy was back with a scout for the Ravens walking behind him. All of a sudden my palms felt sweaty and I had to resist the urge to wipe them against my pants. “This is Rafe Johnson. He’d like to speak with you for a moment.”
“Sure,” I replied, reaching to shake his extended hand. “Nice to meet you,” I added politely.
“My pleasure. You’re looking good out there, son, a natural. How are you enjoying the camp so far?”
“It’s been great. I’ve been having a great time.”
“Glad to hear it,” Mr. Johnson replied. “I actually wanted to invite you to come participate in a special All American Quarterback Challenge we are having tonight. Are you interested?”
Hell yeah, I thought wishing I could high five him. “That would be great!” I answered instead as I groaned internally, wondering how many times I’d used the word great now. The guy was going to think I was illiterate or something.
“Awesome! We’re looking forward to seeing what you can do.”
“Yes sir. Thank you for the invite.”
I watched him walk away and my fist twitched at my side as I revisited the urge to do a fist pump. This camp was going so well I could almost taste the success and see the ink drying on the contract I was about to sign. I couldn’t wait to text Brittney and let her know how things were going. Life was damn near perfect and all our dreams where within easy reach.
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