ALLURE (coming July 6th!) has a new cover! I’m sure there are many of you saying, “But we loved the original cover!” Well, I did too, but there is a method behind my madness.

Allure is a New Adult book, and definitely—by far and away—the hottest story I’ve ever written to date. I didn’t intend for it to be this steamy, initially, but in staying true with the characters, they led me down a MUCH wilder ride than I’d planned on. So for all you readers who’ve been begging me to take it hotter—wish granted!

After consulting with my business peeps, it was decided that the cover should be changed to more appropriately tie in with the story inside, and a new image hunt began—leading to the cover you see now. I feel much better about this, because the cover will appeal to the right audience now, instead of accidentally ending up in the hands of someone younger that might confuse it with other Young Adult titles I’m known for. So, I hope you’ll like the change. J

Genre: New Adult Contemporary
Steam Level: Sizzling
Age Recommendation: 18+ for mature themes and situations.
Release Date: July 6, 2014
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Seventeen-year-old Brooklyn Hall has had her eye on uber sexy tattoo artist, Six Jagger, for a while. There’s only one problem—she’s pretty sure he doesn’t even know she exists. A friend of her older brother, Six is five years older than her. Plus, there’s the pesky fact that he’s had a steady girlfriend for months. Still, even though she knows there’s no chance for her, she can’t seem to let the fantasy go.

Six Jagger has had a thing for Brooklyn Hall since the first time he laid eyes on her a year ago. However, after finding out her age, he wiped her off his list of possibilities. That should’ve been the end of it, but for some reason, he can’t stop watching and admiring her from afar. Happy that he’s successfully maintained his distance, all that changes on the night Brooklyn walks into Inked Edges, asking him for an illegal tattoo. After that, all his carefully constructed barriers come tumbling down, taking them on an explosive ride of lust, passion, and desire.

All’s well that ends well, right? Too bad that wasn’t the end, but merely the beginning…

SNEAK PEEK: (unedited)
Trey “Six” Jagger-
I watched as Brooklyn lifted her water, her plump lips wrapping around the straw as she took a sip. It should be illegal for someone to make drinking from a straw look that sexy without even trying.
“So what will your next tattoo be?” I asked, attempting to distract myself from the direction my thoughts were headed.
“My next tattoo?” She raised her eyebrows.
I grinned. “Hasn’t anyone ever told you the tattoo curse? You can’t ever get just one.”
“And why is that?”
I shrugged. “Who knows? But for whatever reason, once you get the first, it seems like it opens the door for more to follow.”
She seemed to ponder this for a moment. “Maybe once people get past the initial fear of it, it makes them not so afraid to do it again.”
“Maybe,” I replied. “So what would your next one be?”
She laughed, and I enjoyed the sound. It was a beautiful, melodic laugh. “I have no idea. I’ve never thought about it. What would you suggest?”
“Oh, I’m sure you could pull off pretty much anything you wanted, but promise me one thing, if you do decide to get another one.”
“Okay. What’s that?”
“Never—and I mean never—get the name of a guy you like tattooed on your body.”
She laughed. “All right. And why not?”
“Because that’s always the relationship that won’t work out. Trust me when I say, a guy doesn’t like to be in bed with a girl that another guy’s name tattooed on her for him to stare at.”
Laughing again, she blushed as she shook her head. “It sounds like you’re speaking from experience.”
“Hmmm.” It was all I offered as I took a hefty swig of my own water, my memories flitting back to a girl named Sandy I’d been with. It didn’t last long. She’d been nice enough, but I couldn’t stand seeing the name Steve in the middle of her tramp stamp every time I did her from behind. It bugged me enough to send her packing. “Just trust me. Don’t do it.”
“Got it. No names . . . unless it says Trey or Six, right?” She laughed again.
Damn. The girl had no clue that her innocent joke had just struck a flaming torch in my pants. The image of bending her over and seeing . . . yeah, I was real happy this table was in between us right now. I chugged more water. It didn’t help.

©Lacey Weatherford Books/Moonstruck Media
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