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Closing the door, I quickly rubbed my hair, doing the best I could to dry it before slipping on his clothes. They were huge on me, drowning my small frame, but I didn’t care. Lifting the shirt to my nose, I inhaled deeply. I now smelled like him.
Ryder rested against the back of his leather couch, his arms folded across his bare chest. He looked comfortable as he waited, the blue plaid pajama pants riding low on his hips. One look at the way his muscles flexed as he pushed himself up and approached me confirmed everything.
It was positively a sin for him to ever wear a stich of clothing. Ever. His skin was flawless and tanned, and inwardly I thanked God for falling into the fountain.
“You okay?” he asked, stalking toward me with all the grace of a lion zeroing in on its kill. Stalking was the only way to describe the way he moved—a sudden flutter filled my stomach more from exhilaration than fear. I was in no danger here, other than what would happen if we both acted on the sexual chemistry naturally building between us.
“Yeah, I just have one problem.” All humor drained from his face as concern replaced it. Seeing he’d misunderstood me, I quickly added. “See.” Letting go of the bunched waistband of the pants I borrowed, they instantly dropped, pooling at my feet. “I’m thinking this is as good as it gets.”
I reveled in the way he seemed to devour the sight of me standing there in his plain black shirt—the hem grazing just above my knee.
“Somehow I’m sure I’ll manage,” he admitted, reaching out to touch me. An emotion flashed across his face that I couldn’t quite read; but whatever it was, it pulled him up short. Instead, Ryder gestured for me to join him in the living room. He did curl his arm around my waist, however. “You look beautiful,” he murmured into my ear.

The Story of Us series
Genre: New Adult Paranormal/Fantasy Romance
Authors: Belinda Boring & Lacey Weatherford
Recommended Age: 18+ for mature themes and subject matter


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