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Of Witches and Warlock series
Book 1: The Trouble with Spells
Book 2: The Demon Kiss
Book 3: Blood of the White Witch
Book 4: The Dark Rising
Book 5: Possession of Souls
Bonus book: Book of Shadows: Fire & Ice
Sneak Peak: Of Witches and Demons: Coven (Releasing Feb. 8, 2015)

"Wow! I am so impressed! I was IN from the very start. The characters are beautifully written and the story is fantastic. I was on the edge of my chair, turning pages as fast as I could read them! Couldn't get enough of this book! It has all the elements of a must read. It has non-stop action, daring deeds, good vs. evil, danger and suspense, as well as being an all-out love story." ~Beverly Sharp, The Wormhole

"Of Witches And Warlocks is a definite must read and will have you hooked from the beginning. Lacey Weatherford writes an amazing love story that will leave you addicted and craving for another hit of action, romance and an extra dose of the local bad boy, Vance Mangum." ~Naomi McKay, Supernatural Bookworm

I changed my clothes and climbed into bed, pulling the comforter up to my chin. I closed my eyes but couldn’t fall asleep. Too many things raced madly through my mind as I replayed my entire life, looking for discrepancies in my personal history.
Of course, my mind kept flitting to the things I’d learned about Vance tonight too. Suddenly, a whole lot of things about him were beginning to make more sense, and I couldn’t help but wonder what all the kids at school would think if they actually knew the truth about him—not that they would ever find out.
Oh, my head hurt. I reached to rub my temples wondering if anything would ever feel normal again. I’d been lying there for several long minutes, contemplating the possible advantage of rummaging through Grandma’s medicine cabinet for something to help my impending migraine, when I heard a sound at the window. I jumped and looked in that direction, but didn’t see anything unusual. I sighed, thinking my overactive imagination must be getting the better of me, so I closed my eyes.
No, there it was again. There was definitely something tapping on the window. I got out of bed and stood there for a minute. I took a deep breath, sucking in some bravery, and pulled the curtain back quickly. I saw nothing but the hedge. I sighed, rolling my eyes at my self-induced paranoia. Quietly, I eased the window open, thinking perhaps a branch or something from the bush might be hitting the pane. I leaned through to look for the offender.
A large hand clamped over my mouth. I opened it to scream, but the voice that cut through the still night stopped me.
“Don’t be scared. It’s just me,” Vance whispered into the air and removed his hand.
“Are you trying to give me a heart attack?” I asked, more than a bit irritated, my breath coming in quick little gasps. I placed a hand on my heart—which was pounding erratically—in a futile attempt to calm it.
“Not really.” He laughed quietly, his gaze skimming my scantily clad form in the moonlight. “Though I can understand how you may have come to that conclusion.”
“What’re you doing here, Vance?” I asked impatiently, even though my skin still thrummed where his hands had touched me.
“I came to see if you’d like to go for a ride,” he replied, as if it were obvious.
I looked at him, considering the new information I’d learned about him but only pondering his request for about half a second. If there was one thing I was absolutely certain of tonight, it was that I wanted to spend more time with Vance. I was completely intrigued by him.
“Yes, I would. But I need to get some pants on real quick.” I glanced down at my attire, biting my lip.
“That might be beneficial,” he said with another sultry look, followed by an appreciative smile. “I’ll wait here.” He turned to lean against the wall, folding his arms.
Hurrying to where I’d left my clothes lying carelessly on the floor earlier, I pulled my jeans on over the boxers, buttoning them while slipping my feet into my shoes. I wondered if the incessant pounding in my heart would ever go away, but I didn’t delude myself that it was due to the shock I’d just had. He was the one causing this reaction in me. I smiled before I headed back to the window.
I swung my legs up onto the sill, and Vance helped me slide to the ground. He grabbed my hand, and I felt that current shoot through me once again. I wondered if he could feel it too or if my imagination was running overtime. He led me down the street, past a couple of houses, to where he had parked his bike on the corner.
I shivered a little and rubbed my sleeveless arms.
“Maybe I should’ve grabbed a sweater,” I chattered, realizing in my hurry to join him I’d forgotten the cooler weather.
Vance immediately took off his leather jacket and placed it onto my bare shoulders.
“Thanks, but what about you?” I slipped my arms into the soft worn leather, noticing the scent of his aftershave, which clung to it.
“I’ll be fine.” He smiled, and gave me a wink. “If I get cold, you can keep me warm.”
I blushed, unable to speak as I wondered what he expected me to do, exactly.
“I’m only kidding, Portia.” He chuckled as he mounted the motorcycle and handed me his helmet.
“You remember the drill?”
I nodded and placed it on my head. Once again, he had to help me with the strap, but soon I was on the seat behind him, ready to go.
Vance jump-started the engine, and it roared to life. I brazenly wrapped my arms all the way around him, laying my bulky helmeted head against his back as he took off. We raced through the night air to the stop sign on the main highway. Vance turned right, and we proceeded up the road toward Oak Creek Canyon.
We’d traveled a few miles when Vance slowed down and made a left turn onto a dirt lane. We crossed a small bridge that spanned the creek and drove along the steep, narrow road along the canyon wall. We only went a short way before the road ended. Vance parked the bike behind a stand of trees and helped me off, removing my helmet and placing it on the motorcycle seat.
“Where are we going?” I whispered.
“I’m taking you to a little place I like to go when I need to be alone.”
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