Happy October! You know what that means?! Smolder is releasing on the 12th!! Trust me when I say you DON'T want to miss this book. It's RUSS, like you've never seen him before! #SoMuchToLove

A CRUSH Series Companion Novel
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Recommended 18+ for mild mature themes

Leaving the water running, I went to the kitchen to get my wine. Pausing beside the cupboard, my eyes fell on the newspaper laying there, a giant picture of a smiling firefighter, Mr. Weston . . . Russ . . . staring back at me.
Lightly, I traced my fingers over his face, thinking that even though this was an amazing picture of him, he was even more incredibly good looking in real life. Even if he hadn’t been my rescuer, I had a feeling that just meeting him would’ve made my heart race. He was tall, and muscular, with short, thick wavy hair and bright, clear eyes. But it was his smile that captured me. It transformed his face—brightening it, shining white against the dark unshaved scruff on his jaw.
His personality had been charming, too. Yes, he was definitely the kind of firefighter a girl would consider burning her house down for—or, in my case, drowning in a lake for.
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