Here's a look at my upcoming book, AFTER THE APPLE, that I'm writing with my amazingly talented daughter, Kamery Solomon! This book has been SO MUCH FUN to write! I hope you all will enjoy it! <3 (Feel free to share. Preorder links and event page links in post!)

After the Apple 
Genre: Paranormal Fantasy Romance 
Release Date: Jan. 11, 2015

Sneak Peek:
In the voice of Geoffrey~ 
Some of the steamy fog parted for a moment, revealing Alexander, who was shirtless at least, I couldn’t tell what was going on under the water. Snow was wrapped in his embrace, kissing him as ardently as he was kissing her. It felt like someone had stabbed me in the gut with a knife and then twisted the blade so my entrails would fall out. All my imaginings about how Alexander was forcing himself upon her, drifted away. It was clear she was into this as much as he was.
True to the Fairy Queen’s word, I had no doubt they’d consummate their relationship if I didn’t intercede. If Snow was in love with him, I’d leave—back away. I wanted her to be happy. But as long as she still had feelings for me, I still had a fighting chance. And I was going to keep fighting for her as long as I held onto even the faintest glimmer of hope.
The fog shifted again, this time hiding them from view. I cleared my throat.
“Snow? Alex?” I called, too mad to use his full name or station. From now on he was just Alex to me—a guy who was in my way, a guy I was determined to beat. “Are you still here? The queen told me you were out here.”
There was a brief pause and the sound of splashing water. “We’re here,” Snow called back to me and fog shifted again, revealing her briefly as she attempted to straighten the neckline of her dress before she disappeared again.
Damn him! Had he fondled her there? How far had this gone, really?
Snow emerged from the water, wringing out her dress as she moved, not making eye contact with me. That hurt. Alex, however, was happy to make eye contact, and he was grinning from ear to ear.
Glancing lower, I could immediately tell that this little private party had him extremely excited, but thankfully his . . . tentacle seemed like a good name for it . . . was still properly clothed.
Dropping down onto the ground, I leaned back on my elbows and crossed my ankles, attempting to appear casual and without a care in the world as I watched them get dressed. If I were still in New York I’d demand an Academy Award for this performance. I was so heated I bordered on murderous intention.
“So how’d the training go?” I asked lightly, glancing between them.
“Horrible,” Snow replied at the same time Alex said, “Fantastic!”
I continued to stare at them both for a moment before picking a blade of grass and placing it between my teeth. “Which is it? Horrible or fantastic?”
While I definitely wanted Snow to be able to defend herself, I was secretly rooting for horrible. Of course Alex’s damn “cat-that-ate-the-canary” grin was a testimony to how he was feeling about things.
The two of them exchanged glances, but only Snow looked guilty. That was something at least.
“Did you even try to teach her how to fight?” I asked when neither of them replied. “Or have you simply been making out with her this whole time?”
“Jeff,” Snow said, stepping forward with apology written clearly on her face.
I held up my hand. “No reason to apologize, Snow. Alex is merely letting me know how the rules go in this game. Now that I know we are taking the gloves off, I can promise you, I’ll get my turn, and I’ll make it more than worth the wait.”
“You stay away from her,” Alex growled, stepping forward menacingly.
“I will not,” I replied, not moving from my place on the ground. "The choice will be up to Snow. Until she tells me to get lost, I’m not going anywhere.”


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