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“Readers and fans of #1International and USA Today bestselling author, Lacey Weatherford, and #1 bestselling genre author, Kamery Solomon, will be excited to see this mother/daughter team come together to bring a new epic story of love and betrayal in a unique retelling of Snow White, like you’ve never seen it before!”

One sexy bartender.
One apple martini.
One magic mirror.
Add one handsome prince, one wicked queen, and seven dwarves and you have a recipe for disaster—a Snow White tale like you’ve never seen before. What really happened after the apple?

Looking down, I was immediately aware that I was no longer in my red dress, but an elegant, floor length, white one. Tiny diamonds adorned the tulle skirt, rising in number as they moved up onto the silk bodice. By the time my gaze reached my chest, it looked like a starry sky, the jewels sparkling in the wetness around them. The heavy fabric clung to me like it was made for me.

“Snow.” The voice sounded so overjoyed and relieved.

A squeal of fright escaped me. I hadn’t realized there was anyone there. “Jeff?” I questioned, wondering if he’d been pulled into the vortex with me. The fog swirled, and cleared slightly, exposing a man kneeling beside me.

I couldn’t help the gasp that escaped, nor could I seem to glance away from his stunning features. Looking like he’d stepped straight from a storybook, his fit form was clad in a royal, deep red fabric that stuck out in sharp contrast against the gray of the fog and shadowed woods. His dark hair appeared damp, its thick strands brushing his brow gently. Full lashes, wet and spiky, framed sparkling blue eyes above his high cheekbones. A straight nose, full lips, and a strong square jaw, filled out the rest of his perfect features, and I was hard pressed to think if I’d ever seen a man who was this . . . beautiful . . . before. Dragging my eyes from his face, my gaze dropped to his waist, and I noticed the golden hilt of a sword sheathed there, the leather of the scabbard shining and polished almost as much as his black boots.

A soft ninny filled the air, and a horse materialized next to the man, its saddle looking to be just as fancy as the man’s dress.

Gaping like a fish, I simply stared at them, as my mind tumbled over itself, trying to figure out what had just happened, but nothing came. I wasn’t in the city any more, that much was clear, and Jeff was nowhere to be seen.

The stranger rose, hurrying to my side and sweeping me into his embrace. “I thought I’d never see you again,” he whispered, and I could see unshed tears glistening in his eyes. Leaning forward, his mouth descended toward mine. I gasped, shoving at him, and he stumbled backward, staring at me in confusion.

“What’s the matter, Snow?” He was obviously concerned, and looked a little hurt even.

Trembling, I slid farther away, glancing briefly down at the strange contraption I was sitting on, before looking back at him. “Who are you?” I asked, bluntly.

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