Free ebooks sent out to Jingle Bell Book Hoppers!

NOTIFICATION: Hi, all! I've sent out all of my free ebooks to everyone who came and commented on my website during the Jingle Bell Book Hop, so check your emails!! If you came to the hop and did NOT receive your ebook in your email here are possible reasons:

1. Check your spam folder first! Sometimes large/new email addresses will get flagged by your provider and sent to spam.

2. You typed your email wrong and it bounced back.

3. You forgot to leave your email in the comment.

4. You commented in the wrong place: Unfortunately, if this is the case, you missed out. Each author in this event was responsible to run their own page and comments. There is not a "list" of readers that we all share. So if you did not hop to each individual author's page, and leave a comment on each one, or left your comment in the wrong place, you will not be getting free books from any of those authors because they don't have you on their list.

I noticed that there were MANY commenting in the wrong places, despite us having easy step-by-step pictures for you to follow that showed you exactly what to do. We posted those pictures on the main landing page of the hop, plus all over social media, again and again, to try and help those challenged. So if that happened to you, my advice would be to please make sure to read all the way through any event posts so you get ALL the information. People could've saved themselves a LOT of confusion if they would have READ the complete post. We always try to make things as easy as possible on readers!

HOPEFULLY, everyone eventually figured this out, and got their free ebooks and will now know how to do it for the next one! :D

Thank you, all for attending! Have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR too! <3 <3 <3

With love,