Over the River and Through the Woods!

Sadly, due to my prolonged illness, I didn’t get my Christmas novella written for this year. So I’m sharing the one from last year again, for those who may not have read it.

This project was so much fun! In addition to the novella, readers from around the globe shared some of their favorite Christmas traditions and recipes in this book. I’ve tried some of these recipes, and let me tell you, they’re DELICIOUS!

So if you’re in the mood for a great holiday romance and some yummy treats, give Over the River and Through the Woods a try! It’s only 99 pennies! <3

~Kim Swain, Red Line Editing

“A very touching story that puts you in the mood for hot cocoa and Christmas. Lacey Weatherford has you captivated from page one.”
~ Lisa Markson, The Paranormal Bookworm

“If the Hallmark Channel is looking for a new story to make into a movie for their Countdown to Christmas, this one is it!”
~ Raquel Ariemma, Roc N Read


“Hey, sleepyhead. Let’s go.”
Startled awake by the sound of Micah’s voice, I hadn’t realized I had dozed off. I glanced at the clock in the lobby. “You’re late,” I said grumpily.
“I had a flat tire. I sent you a text, didn’t you get it?” My eyes wandered over him, hating that he looked so incredibly perfect. A gray knit cap, pulled nearly to his eyebrows, covered most of his dark hair, showing only his sideburns; but it made his bright blue eyes pop, even more. I used to love the way those eyes sparkled when he looked at me.
Sighing, I stood and grabbed my suitcase. “No. I forgot to charge my phone.”
He gave a small grunt, his gaze travelling over me, before he abruptly turned and headed out the door. Dragging my heavy suitcase after me, I fumed silently, pausing to grab my phone on the way.
What a jerk. I thought. He didn’t even offer to help me.
The snow was already coming down faster, making me even more nervous about this ride. Following Micah to his car, I watched as he popped the trunk for me and stood by the driver’s door. Groaning, I finagled the suitcase into the opening, shoving hard to get it to slide into the compact coupe next to his only piece of luggage, a well-packed duffle bag.
“Do you think you brought enough stuff?” he drawled, continuing to watch me as I slammed the lid. I curled my lip in a sneer, not bothering to answer, as I made my way to the passenger door and climbed in. He slid in also, taking his time as he lifted his iPad from where it was tucked beside the seat and plugging it into the charger, before hooking up the jack.
Thank goodness, I thought, as I shrugged out of my warm coat. He brought music. That should help fill the awkward silence. Immediately, I regretted my relief when crude, offensive sounding rap began shredding my ears. “Do we have to listen to this?” I complained. “You know how much I hate this stuff.”
He flashed a grin at me, his beautiful straight, white teeth causing my breath to catch. His smile was one of my favorite things about him—if I still had a favorite; but I wasn’t the only girl who had fallen prey to that movie star grin, either. “Yes, I remember.” He turned the music up louder, purposely antagonizing me.
“I see you’re still a jerk,” I said loudly, crossing my arms and turning to stare through the window.
“If I was a jerk, would I be here?” he asked, as he pulled from the parking lot. “I guess there’s still time to kick you to the curb, if you’d like.”
“Just concentrate on driving and forget I’m here, okay? We’re starting out so late, we’ll probably end driving through the dang blizzard. I hope we make it home alive.”
“Again, there’s still time for you to stay here if you’re feeling so put out.”
“I’d consider it if I knew it wouldn’t make my mom cry if I didn’t come home.”
“Well, there it is. We can’t upset your mom. It would break my heart to upset her.”
I knew he was being serious. He loved my mom; probably because she fed him like a king every time he used to come over. She loved Micah, too, and had encouraged me to work things out with him; but I wasn’t the one who screwed up—he was.
“I miss your mom. I always liked visiting with her.”
“Too bad you cheated on me and ruined that, huh?” All the hurt he’d caused me rushed quickly back to the surface and out of my mouth before I could catch myself.
Glancing over at him, I saw him clench his jaw as he stared straight ahead. “So, that’s the way it’s gonna be?”
“That’s the way.” I confirmed, turning back toward the window.

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