UPDATE: Coming book releases!

Lovely peeps! I'm still getting flooded with messages asking about book releases, and I see people advertising (thank you!) old release dates that have been canceled. I know it's INCREDIBLY hard for every one to see my posts, due to all the changes on Facebook, but here's the updates for my books.

I have THREE current projects that are getting ready for release. Those books are as follows:

1. After the Apple: A Snow White Tale, a Fantasy/Fairytale written by my daughter, Kamery Solomon, and me. (This is a stand alone novel, but will have companion books in the future.)

2. Coven: Of Witches and Demons, book one. This is a Young Adult Paranormal series. It's the sequel series to my Of Witches and Warlocks series, but you CAN read it independent of OWAW.

3. Persuade, A Leathers Novel. This is a stand alone Adult Contemporary Romance,  and also a companion book to Allure. They can both be read separate of each other, but feature characters from the same "universe." 

At this time, these are the only three books on my schedule. All have been started and are in various stages of production. I DO NOT HAVE ANY RELEASE DATES FOR THESE BOOKS YET. Due to my health issues that sometimes interfere with my writing schedule, I've canceled all the original dates. As soon as the books go into the editor, I will set the official release dates and start sharing preorder links again.

I'm anticipating that After the Apple will be my next release since it's already well beyond "novel length" in word count and is closest to done. However, since my daughter is in the middle of moving and remodeling, there's always the chance I might sneak one of the others in before it.

I don't intend to drag these releases out forever, and I'm back to work officially now. I'm just trying to stay healthy and go a little slower so I'm not so overwhelmed. Thank you so much for your understanding and patience! I'm SUPER excited to share these stories with you! <3