"TEAM" Shirts Now Available for Of Witches and Demons series!

"TEAM" Shirts Now Available for Of Witches and Demons series!

TEAM SHIRTS are now available for the Of Witches and Demons series, featuring Vance, Jett, and Seth!! This is for a limited time only and orders will only be shipped if sales reach the predetermined number for each shirt. 

(**Note: There needs to be at least 10 orders (per each individual style) for the shirts to be printed. You will NOT be charged for the shirt unless the goal is reached.)

Here’s the links to order! Pick whichever is your favorite and don’t forget to SHARE! Campaign runs until March 25th! Orders will be printed and shipped after the end of the campaign and should be delivered by April 9th, right before Coven’s release day on the 12th!

COVEN, Of Witches and Demons, book one, available April 12, 2015!
Genre: YA PNR

COVEN Preorder links! .99¢ for preorders and release week ONLY! Then is goes up to FULL PRICE! Lock in that special rate NOW!:
Amazon: (No preorder. Available on release day April 12th.)

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