Finding Joy and Why I Chose to Leave Facebook

Finding Joy and Why I Chose to Leave Facebook

Author Lacey Weatherford
I wasn't surprised when I woke up this morning to find massive spikes on all my social medias. Yesterday I made a BIG decision. Possibly a career damaging decision. It was very scary.

I decided to leave Facebook.

Why would I do this, you ask? Well, let me tell you.

I have been struggling with making this decision for a while. In the last year or so, I've become very involved with learning about the Law of Attraction and how we can consciously create our own realities. It involves a lot of positive thinking, positive reinforcement, and learning to make yourself "feel better" when you are feeling down. (If you are interested in learning more about this you can check out the movie "The Secret," which is free on Netflix, or you can check out Jeannette Maw, Good Vibe Coach.)

One of the things I've learned about leading a happy successful life, is that is we need to FEEL JOY, so we can attract more of that vibration to us. I also learned that if we find that there is something that does NOT bring us joy, it is best to find another route to go. Either find away around the obstacle, or remove it from your life completely if possible.

I knew right away I had a problem. There was something bringing constant negativity into my life and it was something I used as the #1 major marketing point of my business. It was Facebook.

At first I tried to work my way around it.

Many don't know, but I'm an empath, so I am very susceptible to other's emotions. If you don't know any empaths, that basically means I'm really sensitive. I can sense other people's emotions, good and bad. I can walk into a room that might be empty, but I can tell if something bad has happened there...or if something really good happened there. It's like I pick up the vibrations of everything around me. It can be extremely overwhelming. In my personal life, I rarely leave my house as a way to protect myself. After being in large groups, I find myself drained and exhausted. It's very frustrating at times. On Facebook, posts that had nothing to do with me would greatly upset me. I tried hiding things that bothered me. I did my best to quit scrolling through my newsfeed, but even clicking between pages would expose me to things I didn't want to see.

So I decided to change me. 

Going a new route, I tried posting positivity quotes to my own wall, little things of inspiration that I hoped would not only cheer me up, but maybe cheer up some of the struggling people in my newsfeed. I tried to share things from my life that were good and made me happy. But no matter what I did, I could still feel myself being pulled under. At times I would share things very close and personal to me, and I would be ridiculed by commenters with absolutely no compassion. They were all happy to pass judgement on something they knew nothing about. I felt like harder I tried, the worse things got.

I started seeing several things being shared, authors bashing authors, readers making fun of authors, authors bashing reviewers, reviewers bashing authors, and even though NONE of these things were directed personally at me, they were very upsetting. I've worked hard for several years to get where I am. To see people who were once great readers and supporters start ridiculing the way I and many other authors do our business, well, it was down right insulting.

Then realization hit me, I needed to get off the playground. The more I tried to improved things, the further into depression I was sinking, overwhelmed with negativity. To add even more burden, I was completely frustrated by the dishonest business practices of Facebook. They never honor their end of financial agreements, and frankly, I was tired of being robbed while I desperately tried to "work the system" and deliver viewable posts to my readers. Facebook is making all business owners jump through crazy hoops, and everything is geared so that they make all the money and the business owner gets nada. They obviously don't appreciate my business. I'm just another drone there, sucked into a social media that pretty much everyone is pissed at, yet they still stay there. Why? Because no one has come up with a social media that can beat them, and everyone is too afraid to leave.

Not me. 

I was at a crossroad and needed to make a big choice. I could either keep myself in the cesspool of crap, sinking further into extreme depression, and hope Facebook would still be a beneficial media for my business at some point in the future, or I could remove myself from all the toxicity.

I chose to remove myself.

Why not suck it up and just delete or hide people? This is why. In order for me to "hide" a post that bugs me...I have to see the post first. One glance has done the damage. Why not delete people? Because these people asked to follow me. I didn't friend them. They friended me. I would hate to unfriend someone and have them come to me wondering why I hate them. I don't hate them. I just don't want to see their negativity. The posts weren't the only issue. Facebook is a scam. I don't want crooks to get my hard earned money.

By leaving Facebook, I deleted two major negativities in my life. Even though I have been worried about the impact this might have on my business, I woke up this morning with a SMILE and renewed excitement about new and different things and I can try and do on other sites. I'm actually feeling extremely positive about this decision today and have been deep in conversation with my business partners about all the fun new things we can try for readers.

So what happens now?

I am still working, researching, writing, and plotting...all that good stuff. I am on a ton of other social medias, as well as this website. I will post the links below.

Will I be posting to Facebook with other apps?

Nope. I don't want that social media getting anymore support from me.

Will I ever come back to Facebook? 

I have no plans to do so. They would have to fix a whole lot of things and become honest for me to do that.

What about the thousands of loyal followers I have left on Facebook?

I love them all and am so grateful for their support! I hope they will understand that I made this choice for my own health and happiness and not because I don't want to know them. I hope that they will love me, or my books, enough to put the small effort into following me on a different social medias, or by signing up for the newsletter at the bottom of this page.

I feel really great about this new step. Sometimes we have to do something hard to make things better. This was one of those decisions, but it was the right one.

Links to my other social medias are posted below, but you can also find links in the tabs under the header at the top of my page. Feel free to drop by any time! :D

I hope we will still have lots of fun together at these other locations!