"Irresistable, thrilling drama, and beautiful romance!" THE SECRET, a New Adult Contemporary Novel by Lacey Weatherford!


Have you read THE SECRET, by multi-time #1 International & USA Today Bestselling author, Lacey Weatherford? If not, you should! 

Fans of new adult contemporary romance will enjoy this heart moving tale of loss and love, as bad boy rocker, Caleb McCord, suffers with a devastating secret that could destroy all chances he has with the girl of his dreams, fellow bandmate, Anna. 

Receiving multiple 5 star reviews, find out why readers are calling this book an “irresistable, thrilling drama, and beautiful romance!”

Product Description:
Caleb is struggling with the biggest secret of his life. It has nothing to do with his up and coming rock band that he plays guitar for, or the fact that he is pining for the lead singer, Anna, who is much younger than he is.

No, the secret he’s hiding is slowly ripping to him to shreds and driving him to spend every waking minute seeking for ways to numb the pain.

Living at the bottom of a bottle, Caleb resolves he can never tell Anna why his sister, and her best friend, Jessi, committed suicide. If he does, he will lose any chance he has with Anna. But how can a new relationship hope to survive when it is built on lies? No, he must carry this secret to the grave.

There’s only one problem. Anna asks him to please help her unravel the mystery surrounding Jessi’s sudden death. And there is one thing Caleb could never do, and that is refuse Anna.

*Recommended for ages 18+ for mature themes and subject matter.

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*Repackaged title, previously sold as Tell Me Why

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