Cover Reveal! Mr. Hollywood


Super excited to share this new cover reveal! Last year, at the Love N Vegas book convention, my husband and I were eating breakfast when Jase Dean (cover model) entered the room and asked to sit and eat with us. Oh my gosh!!! We had so much fun! Jase is such a sweet, humble, and polite guy. We had the greatest time visiting with him and others who then gravitated to our table and joined in the laughter, and some tears, even. I knew immediately I wanted to put him on one of my covers, and now, here it is.

I don't have the official release date for this yet, but I'm hoping to have all my print copies in time for the Love N Vegas event this year in July (17-19), so it won't be too long! :) Jase is also attending Love N Vegas this year as well, so if your are coming to Las Vegas, be sure to see him too!

How can YOU attend the Love N Vegas Convention?