From the Kitchen! Grilled Greek Pizza! Cooking with author Lacey Weatherford (and her hubby)!

Hi all!

First, let me start this post with a disclaimer. The title of the post says "Cooking with author Lacey Weatherford." Well, a lot of the time I do the prep work and planning, and my husband, James, does the actual cooking.

James and Lacey Weatherford

You see, my husband's mom is an incredible cook/caterer, and my wonderful husband (and a few of our kids) have inherited her gift for making amazing food. So while I CAN cook, and often do, if he's around I let the "Master" have free reign of the kitchen! Haha! (Plus it gives me more time to write books! YAY!)

Lately, we've really enjoyed scouring Pinterest for different recipes. My hubby and I are constantly looking for our next AMAZING meal, and we've found some INCREDIBLY DELICIOUS recipes. I have occasionally posted these meals to my social media accounts, and am always flooded with people begging for the recipes. So I thought, "You know what? I'm going to make this a regular segment on my website."

So here we are, ready to dive into the deliciousness we made today:

Greek Pizza Made on the Barbecue Grill!

First, here is my review: We LOVED this so much and it turned out so GOOD, we've invited family over so we can have it again for dinner tomorrow! Yep! It's that YUMMY!

Now we chose to make a Greek influence pizza, but you can top these crusts with whatever YOU love! The possibilities are ENDLESS!

Here is the CRUST recipe we used:

Here are the BAKING INSTRUCTIONS we used:

Here is the list of TOPPINGS we used:
Cucumber, Tomato, Olives (recipe recommended kalamata olives, but we had Spanish, so we used those), red onions, spinach leaf, and I drizzled mine with some balsamic vinaigrette.  My hubby added some strips of overnight marinated steak to his, and it was incredible too! You really can do anything you want, and Pinterest has several ideas for you to choose from.

The Finished Product! 
This is the actual pizza we made and ate today!

If you try this, I hope you'll find it as awesome as we did! This was the perfect meal for me today, as I just received my genetic DNA report that says I'm part Italian and part Greek! What a great blend of food to delight the palette, and the perfect blend of BOTH places!

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Until next time . . . Happy Reading, and Happy Eating!