Mr. Hollywood Teaser and Preorder Links!

Mr. Hollywood Teaser and Preorder Links!

We're just a little over a month away from the release of Mr. Hollywood, which is already hitting the bestseller lists in preorders! Yay!! Thank you! I'm so happy people are excited for this book. It's been a fun one to write!

Here's a small sneak peek into the angsty, sexy goodness that will soon be headed your way in this yummy adult contemporary romance!


"While I loved acting and felt fortunate with the success I’d had, fans had no idea of the shithole side of this career. They had no idea how it could break you up into little tiny pieces, sucking out your soul bit by bit until there was nothing left of you. All they saw was the glamor of it—or whatever the media wanted them to see. Hollywood was just one carefully crafted line of bullshit. Hell, I was one carefully crafted line of bullshit." ~ Z McCartney, Mr. Hollywood.

Coming July 5th, 2015, Mr. Hollywood is now available for PREORDER at the following retailers:

*Sorry! No preorders available at this time for Amazon or Google Play. Mr. Hollywood will be available on those sites on release day, July 5, 2015. Thank you!