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Release Date: July 5th, 2015
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance (very steamy/sexy)
Recommended for ages 18+ due to mature themes and subject matter.

Women wanted him.
Men wanted to be him.
But sometimes things aren’t always what they seem.

A brilliant tale of love, guilt, trauma, recovery, renewal and exquisite emotion, mixed with steamy sexiness that is sure to delight! Mr. Hollywood is a rollercoaster of a ride that you don’t want to miss! Riveting!

One particular thing in the file jumped out at me, causing me to do a double take—something that could actually save this horrific day. Staring at the smiling face of the beautiful girl in front of me, it seemed as if my heart was skipping beats.

She looked almost exactly the same—gorgeous, stunning, perfect. Even dressed in a pair of pale yellow scrubs with her hair in a ponytail, she was prettier than any starlet who’d tripped their way down the red carpet. I couldn’t force myself to look away. She seemed so . . . fresh, and so . . . real. I’d been surround by illusions and grandeur for so long that I almost forgot what it meant to feel real. Unbidden, memories and longing flooded me, causing excruciating pain—pain I frequently tried to bury.

Immediately, I wanted a drink. I was pretty sure no one here was going to bring me one.

But wait. Maybe this was a sign. Could I do this? For her? Did I dare? It would be a huge risk, but my life was going nowhere at the moment. It only took a second to make my decision.

“Fine,” I ground out, feeling completely emotionally depleted. “But here are my terms.” I pushed the filed toward the center of the table. “I’ll go to the facility where this girl is employed, and she is to be one of my nurses.”

Luke grumbled. “Are you kidding me? This isn’t a dating service. It’s rehab. Pick another place.”

“If you want me to go to rehab, it has to be this facility, with this nurse, or no deal.” I stared hard at them, flashing my negotiator face, knowing they would take my threat seriously. I’d proven in the past just how stubborn I could be.

The three of them quickly conferred with each other in lowered voices, as if I weren’t sitting two feet away and could hear every word. I didn’t care. Staring at the face in the picture, my thoughts were hundreds of miles away, back on a farm in Montana. All the old hurt and feelings I constantly tried to repress flooded back to the surface, and instantly, my first reaction was to find a way to suppress it. When it came to Aubrey, my wounds ran deep—too deep for me to ever repair them, even though I wished it were possible with nearly every breath.

“Pack your bags then,” Penelope said with a slight air of triumph. “It looks like you’re going on a vacation to Sunnybrook Haven Center for Wellness.”

I’d heard of the posh recovery center before. Other celebrities had done rehab there, too. But I didn’t care about any of that.

No, what I wanted to know was why my old high school girlfriend, the one I’d left behind for fame and fortune, was suddenly living so near me in the same state. LA was a far cry from the small neighboring country farms we’d grown up on.

Aubrey Hart. All I had to do was hear her name and her teary face came right to the surface. I wondered if she believed everything I told her the night before I left. I hadn’t been lying when I said I intended to come back for her. But it soon became a lie as I moved up the ladder, convincing myself that Aubrey was better off left where she was—in my past.

Only that wasn’t the truth. If I died right now in this minute, I’d have but one real regret, and that regret was Aubrey. I’d give every penny I had, if I could somehow erase my mistakes concerning her. Now seemed like as good a time as any to fix the past. If it was time to get my life in order, might as well do it all at once.

How bad could it be, really?


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