Authors! Please Check Wattpad for your books being pirated!

Hi, all! (Authors please check this site to see if your work has been pirated!)

I found out this morning that some readers on Wattpad have been stealing my stories and sharing them in other places. This seriously makes me want to cry. They're taking books I have NOT uploaded to Wattpad...books that feed my family and pay my bills and have listed them for free.

I've reported them and started copyright infringement proceedings against them. I also have a very good lawyer on retainer, exactly for this reason.

Please know, if you find a book of mine on this site (or any other) that is not part of Lacey Weatherford Books or The Queens of Romance, IT HAS BEEN STOLEN.

I know many people have the mentality of "It's just a book" or "they won't miss a couple bucks" or whatever. That isn't true. Every time a book is pirated (mine have been pirated HUNDREDS of times) it takes money away from my family.

My sales have dropped so badly over the last year that I have gone from being able to support my family (and several others) entirely, to trying to scrape enough together to get by each month, let alone pay off the mountain of taxes I owe.

So yes, every dollar I make off these books counts in a big, big, way. I owe an incredible amount in taxes, but my sales have dropped off so badly due to Kindle Unlimited and pirated books that I'm drowning here.

This is the plain and simple truth. I've shared my free books on Wattpad in hopes of finding more good readers who will like my work, not to find people to steal from me and stab me in the back even more.

It takes me months to produce these stories, often working 20 hours a day because I want my readers to have the best product possible. I have destroyed my health these last five years, getting my company up and running, just to have others come in and undermine that.

PLEASE don't steal from authors. It's not just a book or a couple of bucks. It's someone's hard work and their livelihood. It's the same as walking into any store and taking something off the shelf and walking out. It is stealing plain and simple. It is punishable by fines up to $500,000.00, along with having to REPAY an author for all the stolen reads they lost, and getting a criminal record.

Anyway you look at it, stealing is never worth it. It hurts everyone involved.

I'm here to build friendships with readers and share some of my stories. If you are an honest person looking for a similar relationship, welcome. If you want to steal from me, I can't stop you, but I sure as hell can prosecute you...and I will to the full extent I'm able. It's my right to protect what belongs to me.

The fact of the matter is, PIRACY WILL NEVER STOP UNTIL THE READERS QUIT ASKING FOR STOLEN BOOKS! Readers are the only ones with the power to end this!

I hate that I even have to post about this. Common human decency should be enough to put an end to piracy.

If you are a published author, please go to Wattpad and start searching your titles. People are making fake profiles and uploading your books and you are losing sales. You can report these profiles to Wattpad so they can shut them down.

I'm just so hurt and disgusted right now. Where in the world are all the trustworthy people anymore? I've always been a person who wants to believe the best in others. Lately, the more I see, the more discouraged I get with humanity. It seems like everyone is just out to stab each other in the back these days. I'm done, I tell you. I'm just done.