IMPORTANT NOTICE: Get these books before the prices go up!

Hi, all! I just wanted to let everyone know that due to a continuing slumping market and poor sales, I'm going to have to raise the prices on my books a bit. If there is anything you want of mine at the cheaper prices, now is the time to get them before the prices go up over the next day or so! I'm sorry to do this, but it is either this, or quit being an author completely.

Ever since Kindle Unlimited came out, my sales continue to plummet. I've gone from selling hundreds/thousands a day, to a few dozen daily. I just can't afford to keep things cheaper and continue on. I'm sorry. I hope you will understand. Thankfully, since I have always kept my prices low, these changes won't break your pocket book either. You are still getting all the great stories, but for about a buck more! :D

Thank you for all you support! <3