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If your a fan of my young adult paranormal romance series, Of Witches and Warlocks, you''l love this!

Today I started serializing my book Fire & Ice (A full length retelling of The Trouble with Spells from Vance Mangum's view.) This book is full of new scenes, magic, features, and fun, making it a unique version of the story.

I will be posting two chapters a week of this story, and if you read a long as I upload, the festivities that happen in the story, should also coincide with our calendar right now with things like Halloween and Thanksgiving! #HowFun 

Also, I have several other young adult books in paranormal/ contemporary/fantasy genres on Wattpad that you can read for free including, Trouble with Spells, Crush, Chasing Nikki, & Faery Kissed. You can also read my co-authored book with Belinda Boring, Wanderlust, for free on The Queens of Romance Wattpad page.

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