I have seen a lot of posts/articles lately, bagging on people in general—haters, basically, that don’t like something, so they attack everyone who does. This post is in response to the massive slew of “Stop Doing This” kind of posts. So HERE WE GO!

The World According to Lacey: DO YOUR THING!

1. Take/post LOTS of SELFIES: The world needs to see more people laughing and having a good time! If people don’t like them, they don’t have to look. There is nothing wrong with taking pictures of yourself and sharing them with others!

2. Wear your leggings (or any other article of clothing) however YOU WANT: If someone doesn’t like the way you dress, they don’t have to look at you. Do what makes YOU feel comfortable. NO ONE has the right tell you how to dress, just because they don’t like a certain style.

3. Write stories any way YOU want: If you are a writer, don’t ever let ANYONE tell you what you CAN/CAN’T have in YOUR BOOK. I don’t care if the entire thing is full of WICKED “purple prose,” this is YOUR BOOK. Write it in a way that makes YOU happy. That is all that matters. There is plenty of audience with different tastes out there for everyone!

4. Stand up for what you believe in, AND DO IT NICELY: Fact of the matter is…you can catch more flies with honey instead of vinegar. It’s okay for YOU to have a different opinion than everyone else, and it is okay for YOU to share it…as long as you remember this is YOUR opinion and you don’t use it to harm others.

5. YOU may read, like, watch, and enjoy ANY BOOK, MOVIE, OR MUSIC YOU WANT and share that love—even if the rest of the world has gone nuts and is socially bullying the thing you love. Don’t let other people’s opinions make you feel “guilty” for loving something. This is YOUR LIFE, YOU MANY LOVE WHAT YOU WISH.

6. Keep posting about how much YOU LOVE your significant other: This one is huge! We need more love in the world, so if you want to tell us how AWESOME your spouse is, then PLEASE DO IT! The world needs more examples of HAPPY PEOPLE, and it is perfectly okay to recognize those you love in a PUBLIC FORUM. Again, if people don’t want to read it, they don’t have to look.

7. It is perfectly acceptable to ask for PRAYERS or GOOD ENERGY: I can’t believe I actually see people complaining about this one. The whole Universe is made up of energy. When large groups of people come together (even over the internet) to combine their powerful intention and send wishes for speedy help and blessings to others, THIS IS A GOOD THING. I’m sorry, but there is a reason this person asked for support. Something is going on with them and they need extra help. Tragedy touches all lives. I send a prayer for EVERY request I see—even if I don’t know the person. It’s called being COMPASSIONATE, and the world DEFINTIELY needs more of that!
8. If you feel a “Go Fund Me” account is something necessary for your life and will benefit you, MAKE ONE: I’ve seen lots of bullying over this one. I find it very sad, because regardless of what a person is asking for, we, as strangers, never know the full story behind something like this. Someone may need TRUE HELP, but people, who don’t even KNOW THEM, or what their whole story is, gang them up on. So please, do whatever you feel you need to do. IT IS YOUR RIGHT TO ASK! It is their right to move on if they aren’t interested. There is NO NEED for the smear campaigns happening over this. #Tragic

9. Feel free to share your Political Views: I find it funny that people don’t realize politics CAN be done NICELY! (<<<< I just want to point this out to any candidates who are currently running for office and running smear campaigns.) It is okay for us to have RATIONAL, RESPECTFUL, conversations about politics. Problems can even be solved when we learn to speak to each other nicely, and respect each other’s opinion. It is a lot easier to come to compromise with good feelings and kindness, than it is during a hate fest.

10. IT IS OKAY TO BELIEVE THERE IS GOOD IN EVERYBODY: Christian, Pagan, Muslim, Gay, Straight, Bi, Black, White, Red, Yellow—these are all LABELS, placed on groups of people. When we identify people as a group, it is easier form “hate clicks” against them. What if we didn’t label ANYONE and just respected everyone’s right to EXIST and live their life as they see fit? That is what YOU want people to do to YOU…so the best way to make that happen is to do the same to THEM. Diversity is what makes this world a great place to live. Without our differences, we would all be the same boring robot. It is OKAY to be YOURSELF and BE DIFFERENT, and SUPPORT the things you love….ALL WHILE BEING KIND.

I guess that’s my biggest message. Let’s stop the hate and be kind. Treat others how YOU want to be treated. Let’s leave our mark on the world in a GOOD way. Everyone on this planet is important! Everyone on this planet has value! Everyone on this planet has ideas of how things should be done. These are GOOD things, not things to be feared. Let people BE THEMSELVES without attacking. You don’t want to be attacked for how you do things, neither do they.

Social media creates a barrier between us that causes us to sometimes lose our filters. I’m pretty sure most people who say stuff on here, would never walk up to the person they are bashing and say it to their face on the sidewalk. Why? Because it would be considered assault. Guess what? It’s still assault on here too.

Don’t let FEAR control your life. Don’t let the OPINIONS of others control YOUR actions. BE YOU! BE KIND! BE HAPPY! DO WHAT YOU LOVE! If we are all doing what we love, then we send those ripples out into the world, to produce more beautiful energy. One by one, the world becomes a better place to live…and it all starts in the THOUGHTS and VOICE of every INDIVIDUAL. YOU only need be responsible for YOU, not anyone else.

What mark are YOU leaving on the world? What will YOU be associated with? LOVE or HATE? I know where I want to be.

I hope you all have a beautiful day! Never be afraid to BE YOURSELF!