COVEN added to KINDLE UNLIMITED, with several other stories from Lacey Weatherford Books!

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HappyHolidays! Coven has been added to KU now for your free reading pleasure! I hope you'll check it out!

Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Romance

Product Description:

Kenna Mangum was born a witch. She’s always known it -her family has always known it - from the moment she burst into flames in her father’s arms after she was born.
Denied interaction with regular society while she was coached into controlling her powers, Kenna has always felt a longing to join the rest of the world and get to experience a “normal” life.
Now her wish is about to be granted.
But when Kenna walks into public school for the first time, she immediately locks eyes with Jett Blackstone and realizes all chances of “normal” just disappeared.

Also, Mr. Hollywood (Adult Contemporary Romance), Wanderlust (Adult Paranormal Romance), The Secret (New Adult Contemporary Romance), and Fire & Ice (Young Adult Paranormal Romance), have all been added to KU in the past week. I hope you will check out these books while they're in this special holiday promo, exclusively on #Amazon.


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