HAPPY THANKSGIVING: My Thanksgiving Prayer

My Thanksgiving Prayer

Dear Mother and Father, Lord of us all
We thank you for these gifts of Fall,
For Thy bounty and food to eat
That we may all Merry Meet,
But beyond our tables and the food
Often stirs a somber mood.
The world is grieving and full of unrest
Many wishing to fight to the death.
So on this day of sweet Thanksgiving,
We ask Thee to remember the living,
Fill our hearts with peace and love,
With light and healing from above.
Help us remember why we’re here
And keep us safe, far from fear.
Let mankind see how wonderful it would be
If we could love each other like a family.
Raising each other up and showing our strengths,
Together as friends we could all give Thanks.
This is my Thanksgiving prayer to Thee,
Help us find a way to coexist happily.
Let all be a neighbor, Let all be a friend,
And let’s get this Earth back on the mend.
Then deep in our hearts we will always know,
We will be met by true friends wherever we go.
Happiness and joy will begin to spread,
And this vile hate can be put to bed.
Because in the end all we will leave behind
Are the memories of how we treated humankind.
Did we love? Did we respect? Did we further peace?
Or will our actions make violence increase?
Please, Lord, help us see before it’s too late,
Nothing will ever be gained by this hate.
I pray for all people, both old and young,
For every human in the light of this Sun.
May the good in the World fill your heart,
And Love and Joy from you never part.
This is my prayer for every soul on Earth,
That all may know they matter and are full of Worth.
Happy Thanksgiving!
May you all have a beautiful day, no matter where in the world you are!
With love,
Lacey Weatherford