THE DELUSIONAL DIARIES REVIEW: Bittersweet Melody, by Belinda Boring

Title: Bittersweet Melody
Author: Belinda Boring
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance

Cooper Hensley is the perfect front man for Damaged Souls. After returning from his time as a Marine, all he wants to do is to bury himself into the rock and roll lifestyle with music, alcohol, and one night stands. Chasing sweet oblivion to numb his pain, nothing can rattle his carefully guarded heart . . . that is until Caylee Sawyer comes looking for the man she believes a hero, the best friend of her dead husband.

What she finds instead is someone broken, someone who needs to forgive himself and move on, someone who affects her so completely, she can't walk away. But can she convince him to lower his guard long enough for her to claim his heart? And when he does, will she be prepared for the consequences?

My Delusional Opinion:

I think you might already have the general idea where this is headed. Haha! (Read more >>>)